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What happens in Pidley stays in Pidley

Now that our first World Tour has come to an end we can take time to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved.  We’ve been on a journey, both…
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Selfie Ages of Man

Our world tour got off to a flying start last night in Colne, and concludes tonight in Pidley. Among many firsts for us in this show we have the first…
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7 Ages tickets on sale now!

Just 7 days till 7 Ages, and tickets are on sale now direct from us: Email us for details at bacstage.amdram@gmail.com stating which date you would like tickets for.

7 Ages of Man Cast

Next month our latest production, 7 Ages of Man, will hit the road. As well as commemorating Shakespeare we are also honouring the tradition of travelling bands of players as…
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BaCStage announce world tour for 2016, Panto for 2017

BaCStage have been in swan mode recently.  Our outward appearance, judging by this blog, has been one of calmness, serenity and, to put it bluntly, not doing very much.  Beneath…
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