Old Day School, Bluntisham

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You Beauty!

Just over a week ago we finished the run of our latest production,  Beauty and The Beast.  I’m pleased to say it was another successful show for us at BaCStage…
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New BaCStage 3-in-1 with triple acting action!

Can you believe it’s been a week already?  A week since the last park bench was taken, a week since Shirley and Rita’s hiding place was found, and a week…
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Join us below stairs at Bagshot House

Some behind-the-scenes photos from our latest production ‘Murdered to Death’, starting with the obligatory “Man crushed by falling stage” picture: Coconut Moose, the all-seeing resident of Bagshot House: Some off-stage…
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BaCStage Open Day, September 21st from 1pm

BaCStage are having an Open Day at the Old Day School, Bluntisham on Saturday 21st September.  All are welcome to come along and meet some of us, find out more…
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Too much sunshine? Have a barbeque!

In 2013 a crack acting unit was sent to the Old Day School in Bluntisham to commit crimes against frozen meat products.  These men promptly cowered under an awning in…
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An apology and a cake

I’d like to offer our loyal reader an apology.  It has been far too long since anyone posted anything on this blog.  Real life has an annoying habit of getting…
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