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New BaCStage 3-in-1 with triple acting action!

Can you believe it’s been a week already?  A week since the last park bench was taken, a week since Shirley and Rita’s hiding place was found, and a week since Bluntisham’s most famous pair of frilly knickers made their latest (although probably not their last) public appearance.  This time last week we were completing our run of three one-act plays, A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum.

Now, if you are the sort of obsessive BaCStage fan who visits this website every hour, hitting ‘refresh’ in the hope and expectation of getting new updates, you will already have seen the photo pages added recently for these plays.  Just in case you aren’t following our every move with an almost stalker-like intensity, allow me to point them out to you.  Click the links for photo fun:

A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum

It’s been a while since we did three one-act plays.  The previous occasion was before my time, as annoying people on quiz shows say.  “The Beatles?  Hmm… before my time.  The Vikings?  Hmm… before my time.  The big bang that started the whole universe?  Hmm… before my time” (that’s enough of that – Ed).  Nonetheless, for several of us it was our first time, so to speak.  Although we all enjoyed it immensely, we weren’t sure how it would go down with the punters.  Our expert audience research group (which looked suspiciously like a bunch of actors reminiscing) were of the opinion that audiences prefer one long play to several short ones.  We were all pleased therefore (and a little relieved) that we got good audiences each night.  Saturday was the busiest, as it usually is – not being a school night.  Despite the twin televisual temptations of something called “Strictly” (I have no idea) and the Rugby World Cup, we still had a full house for our last night.  It was very thoughtful of England to dump themselves out of the RWC early to avoid a calendar clash with us.

So what’s next for BaCStage then?  Well… we’re having a well-earned rest for a couple of weeks, then we’ll be putting the stage back together at the ODS ready to rehearse our next production.  We don’t know what it’ll be yet, but the Village Hall is booked for next April so the clock’s ticking already.  Chances are, it’ll be one full-length play next time.  Watch this blog for details in the coming weeks and months.  If we really can’t decide on anything, we might just play Queen’s greatest hits and get Tom and Ross to re-enact the videos, as they did in the after-show party last weekend…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally – the last we heard, Miss Harriet’s knickers had secured an audition for a part in the West End.  We wish them well…


5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

BaCStage are GO!  Anything could happen in the next half-week or so.

We have constructed all 5 stage sets – park, barn, house, brick museum and shrubbery – and worked out how to light them all.

The park has 4 real benches!  The brick museum has real bricks!  The barn has an actual barn door!  The shrubbery has (bits of) real shrubs!  The house has real chairs and an actual phone!  Heck.

All 3 plays have been well and truly rehearsed and the actors are raring to go.

We have had 2 full rehearsals in the Bluntisham Village Hall already.

There is just 1 more dress rehearsal, and then we’re good to go!

We’ve even made it into the Hunts Post.  Not bad as we haven’t even performed yet.


At one point during set-up day it looked like the “flat foot gang” might live up to their name and delay proceedings.  We even thought they might rival the legendary hand rail team.  Fortunately a responsible adult with a clipboard stepped in and sorted them out, and now each flat is standing on its own two feet.

So what can our loyal punter expect from BaCStage this Autumn?

Our show begins with a sideways look at modern life in Alan Ayckbourn’s A Talk in the Park.  In this sharply observed comedy five strangers have each headed to the park to escape their troubles and find a bit of peace and quiet.  Each is more than happy to unburden themselves at great length to anyone who will – or won’t – listen.

After a short interval, our second play is In Need of Care by David E Rowley.  This poignant and thought-provoking drama tells the story of Shirley and Rita, two girls who have run away from school and spent the night hiding on a farm, in a barn.  Early next morning they are discovered by the farmer’s son and his friend, but will the boys help them or turn them in?

Then there will be an interval, featuring the customary BaCStage raffle.

We complete our program with Night at the (Brick) Museum, a boisterous comedy by Wendy Rolph.  Four siblings are home for the school holidays and looking forward to lashings of ginger beer, Mrs Grimm’s splendid cakes and spiffing adventures all round.  They get far more adventure than they bargained for thanks to a suspicious tutor, a mysterious spy and a local who is not quite what he seems.  The future of civilization as we know it is at stake and only Lucky the Labrador can save the day!  (we’d like to point out that all children and dogs in this play are in fact played by adults).

Tickets are on sale now at Bluntisham Service Station.  We’d love to see you there!

One week to go!

There’s just a week until opening night – tickets on sale now!

“Oh my Lola! All I do is for you! I adore you!”


“…don’t mention blue serge gym knickers – ugh!”

“When I go to work I’m going to get a car. I could take my mum out shopping and things”

“Who wants to take their mum out? A motor-bike is better. A motor-bike is smashing for taking birds out on”

Three Plays 15 - Poster A4
“There’s a leg…” “A leg?” “A human leg – sticking out of the straw”

“Pity really. I never could resist a man who uses binder twine on his trousers”

“I mean, we’ve all got troubles no doubt – but we all don’t sit on a bench and bore some poor innocent stranger to death”

“He’s talking again – to me! If he does it any more I’ll call the police…”

“Might as well talk to yourself!”

Stop press – tickets now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale from Bluntisham Service Station for our next production, priced at £8 each.

Leaflet - Three Plays Oct 15Those of you lucky people living in the Bluntisham area will receive your very own paper copy of this flier soon – if you haven’t done so already!  It may even be delivered by an actor, but don’t let that put you off.

Autumn ’15 Play Casts

BaCStage presents three one-act plays:

A Talk in the Park, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

In Need of Care, a drama by David E Rowley

Night at the (Brick) Museum, a comedy by Wendy Rolph

Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 2015 at 7.30pm

Bluntisham Village Hall


A Talk in the Park

Five strangers sit in the park trying to escape their problems and find a bit of peace and quiet. None of them wants to hear about the others’ problems but all are happy to share their own with anyone who will listen…

Steve Steve Arthur
Becky Becky Beryl
Ash Ash Charles
Tessa Tessa Doreen
Luke Luke Ernest
Director Jackie Director


In Need of Care

Shirley and Rita have run away from school and are hiding when they are discovered by two boys, one of whom recognises them from a newspaper story. We’re really pleased to give four of our younger actors an opportunity to star in this moving play.

Jess Jess Shirley
Lucy Lucy Rita
Ross Ross Nobby
Tom Tom Jeff
Director Jane Director


Night at the (Brick) Museum

A tale of lust, intrigue, betrayal and revenge, featuring spies, a mysterious caretaker, a rather thick housekeeper, four terribly nice children and an absolutely adorable Labrador dog.

Jane Jane Mrs Grimm
Richard Richard John
Becky Becky Susan
Steve Steve Jeremy
Christine Christine Harriet (Harry)
Terry Terry Mr. Smith
Nicola Nicola Lola
Kevin Kevin Old Harry
Director Luke & Ron Directors

Tickets on sale soon!

It’s all gone quiet over there

You might be thinking that the lack of activity on this blog in recent weeks points to a lack of activity at BaCStage towers.  Let me assure you though, dear reader, that nothing could be further from the truth.  It is precisely because there is so much going on that no-one has had time to blog about it lately – that’s my story, at any rate, and I’m sticking to it.

As previously mentioned a while ago, we are staging not one, not two, but three (yes, three!) plays this autumn – A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum.  Being a relatively small group with a relatively high proportion of gluttons for punishment, several of us have been working on more than one of these simultaneously as actor, director, sound & lighting, stage and set, publicity and other things besides, and come set-up day it’ll be the usual “all hands on deck” to get the stage and set constructed in the village hall (if you’re in the area next month and fancy lending us a hand…)

Except of course, on this occasion, it’s “stage and sets“, as across the three plays the action takes place in a park, a barn, a house, a brick museum and a shrubbery.  How will we ever combine such a wide range of sets onto our one compact-and-bijou stage?  Seriously, how will we?  This is something that the best BaCStage minds are still grappling with.  Of course, in the greatest theatre tradition, “it’ll be alright on the night”.  If you want to know exactly how we manage to pull off this tardis-like feat of space-wrangling you’ll just have to come along and see for yourself.  Or wait for the show photos to appear on this site next month, of course.  Or better still, do both – come along in person and be amazed, then re-live the experience in the comfort of your own home!  Tickets will be on sale soon.

In the meantime, with only three weeks to go, preparation work continues apace as you can see:


Now, I have used the buses analogy on this blog before (nothing for ages, then two come along at once).  With that in mind, hot on the heels of this post (moderately warmly on its heels, at least) I will soon be introducing you to the casts of our three plays – watch this space!

You wait ages for a play and then…

… three come along at once!

Yes, that’s right, we have finally settled on our Autumn programme.  After much reading, talking, tea drinking (and, I must confess, a bit of procrastination), we… still couldn’t agree on a play to perform, so we decided to do two… which then became three.  We’re stopping at three though, as to stage four plays in one go would be beyond even our considerable talents!

So this October we will be performing A Talk in the Park, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, In Need of Care, a drama by David E Rowley and Night at the (Brick) Museum, a comedy by Wendy Rolph.

Having taken slightly too long to decide on these we have since wasted no time in getting preparations under way.  We have started rehearsals on all three plays and already they are coming together nicely.  More details on each play will appear here over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Three Plays 15 - Coming Soon