Old Day School, Bluntisham

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A parting gift from Nick

Our regular reader will already know that after many years Nick and Jackie have retired from BaCStage service to go and collect sheds by the seaside.  However, Nick did leave us one of his famous handrails as a parting gift. With the safety of the actors assured, the show can go on! Tickets for It’s…
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Handrail Team

The return of the famous Handrail Team

Set-up day for Virtue Triumphant, and the famous BaCStage Handrail Team is back in action. They have recruited a young apprentice.  The secrets of the BaCStage Handrail will thus be passed on to the next generation.   “…and this, gentlemen, is how you use a handrail to neutralise an assailant brandishing his cordless power tool…
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