Old Day School, Bluntisham

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Recently, after one of our script readings, James found a dog in the road outside the ODS.  At first glance it looked hurt but on closer inspection it was OK, but apparently lost.  No-one in the group knew whose dog it was, and neither did anyone in the pub.  It did have a collar saying…
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Too much sunshine? Have a barbeque!

In 2013 a crack acting unit was sent to the Old Day School in Bluntisham to commit crimes against frozen meat products.  These men promptly cowered under an awning in the playground.  Today, still wanted by the director, they survive as chefs of fortune.  If your garden is looking dry or your lawn is a…
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Sniggering like naughty schoolchildren

There have been echoes of times past at the Old Day School recently as we’ve sat around in a circle, some of us on authentically small primary-school furniture (we have big chairs too; it’s personal preference), sniggering like naughty schoolchildren. What has prompted these outbursts of collective juvenile behaviour?  I’m glad you asked that.  We’ve…
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Rumplestiltskin – Access all areas

In what will be the last posting about Rumplestiltskin (far be it from me to flog a dead horse…) here we have some candid “behind the scenes” photos from our most recent production. Thank you to all who contributed pictures. Building Hamalot A workman cuddling his tool Down in the dungeons How short is the…
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… so his name is – Roger!  What is it, boys and girls?  That’s right – it’s Rumplestiltskin! Last weekend we completed the run of our latest production, Roger, and a great success it was too.  You can see many photos of it here. This was one of our largest and most ambitious productions to…
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Rumpy-pumpy on Valentine's Day!

It’s less than a month till our next production!  Oh yes it is!  Rumplestiltskin opens on February 14th.

Gangnam Style!

Heck!  Posts on this blog are like buses… large, and sometimes “red”.  Geddit?  You thought I was going to say “none for ages and then two come along at once” didn’t you? So anyway, as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, we’re doing a panto in February.  Oh yes we are… oh, no, let’s not start…
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An apology and a cake

I’d like to offer our loyal reader an apology.  It has been far too long since anyone posted anything on this blog.  Real life has an annoying habit of getting in the way sometimes.  I won’t waste your time with poor excuses; instead I will pretend that the last post was only a week or…
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Up in the roof

Renovation work continues apace at the Bluntisham Old Day School (ODS).  Recently one brave soul even ventured up into the loft space. Nice knees, by the way. But what did they find?  Rumour has it that all the old school records used to be stored up there.  Another, rather less pleasant rumour, says that the…
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Labouring at the Old Day School

There’s plenty of work still to do at Bacstage’s new home The Old Day School in Bluntisham or the ODS as it is affectionately becoming known. A few of us took ourselves down there on Saturday morning for some staple removing ( there were hundreds of staples in every piece of wood in the building; windows, doors…
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