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Listen very carefully… we have Wonderful news!

It’s been a bit quiet round BaCStage Towers lately.  We have mostly been melting in the heat.  You know the heat wave has gone on too long when even the trashy papers can’t be bothered with headlines about it being hotter than Rio / Madrid / Mallorca / Mordor / the centre of the sun / the fires of hell / my pants (delete as appropriate).

However, lack of outward signs of activity does not mean we haven’t been busy.  Besides wilting, and avidly following / avoiding / ignoring the recent World Cup (remember that?) we have been busily working on our next two – yes, two! – productions.

A timeless classic, with a twist

Firstly, after successful auditions in June we have cast It’s a Wonderful Life for our Autumn 2018 production.  Rehearsals started last week, and we’re delighted to welcome another newcomer, Alan.  The full cast will be published here soon.

It’s a Wonderful Life, based on the timeless classic Frank Capra film, has been adapted as a “radio on stage” play by Tony Palermo.  The performance focuses on the voice characterisations of over 30 characters by just eleven actors, so most of us will be doubling, tripling or even quadrupling up on the number of parts we play.  Will we be able to pull it off?  Come along in October to find out!

An English farce with a European story line

Looking further ahead, in April 2019 we are planning a production of ‘Allo, ‘Allo.  Written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft, the same authors as the hit TV show, the stage version of ‘Allo ‘Allo plays like a feature-length, “greatest hits” version of the sitcom featuring favourite characters – and jokes – that made it such a big success.  It is also very timely – what could be more appropriate as our first post-Br*x*t production than an English farce with a European story line?

We will be holding open auditions for ‘Allo ‘Allo in November (once we’ve completed It’s a Wonderful Life) with a view to casting it before Christmas* and starting rehearsals early in the new year.

Social media in “positive outcome” shock

In more good news, we’d like to thank Manda for coming forward and volunteering to help us with our treasurer vacancy after seeing our advert on that there internet.  Thank you Manda!

Stay tuned for more details on all things BaCStage…

* apologies for using the C-word in early August, and for using the B-word at all, in any context, ever.


Talking carrots? Monsters under the bed? It must be Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly… jolly baffled by this year’s crop of Christmas TV adverts.  Personally, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for simpler, more innocent times, when a fox and a badger could bounce side by side in perfect harmony on a garden trampoline as a symbol of hope for a future of peace, harmony, togetherness and goodwill to all.

If you feel the need for something a bit more Christmassy to get you in the festive mood, come along to the Bluntisham Christmas Craft Fair next Saturday afternoon.  There will be a wide range of stalls selling all sorts of things.  We will be there too, promoting our next show and running our ever-popular tombola.  I can’t promise you a winner every time, but I can promise you the chance to meet some friendly actors.  Do come along and say hello!

Ho, Ho, and ummm… oh yes, that’s it – Ho

Well, dear reader, Christmas is almost with us once again.  Throw a Yuletide log on the fire, get yourself a glass of hot totty and snuggle up as we look back on another year of BacStageyness.

In the Spring we revived Virtue Triumphant so that we could murder several of the cast on stage each night.  I still maintain that the Squire was a much maligned and misunderstood character, but it seems I’m in the minority on that one.  Miserable peasants!  In the Autumn we embarked on something altogether different with 7 Ages of Man and completed a hugely successful World tour on the back of it.  At the time of writing we are currently all hard at work preparing our next show, Beauty and the Beast… I say “we all” but in truth they are all hard at work while I’m at home wittering, and I raise my glass to them (hic!)

It has become something of a tradition to share a joke with you, dear reader, at this time of year.  I’m a stickler for tradition when the mood takes me, so hop up on the sofa and sit comfortably for this year’s shaggy dog story:

There was once a husband and wife who decided to leave behind their hectic life in the city and move to the country to run a pub.  They soon decided that their pub needed a pub dog.  Rover was a very friendly dog, hugely popular with all the regulars, apart from one thing – whenever he wagged his long tail he tended to scatter people’s drinks and, being such a happy dog, he wagged his tail rather a lot.  Reluctantly the landlord decided to have Rover’s tail docked; fortunately Rover was still just as happy, as were the regulars now that their drinks were no longer being spilled, and to make sure Rover’s waggy tail was not forgotten it was mounted in a glass case above the bar.

Rover lived a long and happy life at the pub but eventually time and old age caught up with him and he went to live in the great pub in the sky.  He was much missed by all his family and friends at the pub.

Just before midnight about a week later, just as the landlord was locking up for the night, out of nowhere a storm suddenly started raging outside.  Rain lashed the windows and the wind howled.  Above the howling wind there was another, ghostly howl, followed by a ghostly scratching on the pub door.  With some trepidation the landlord opened the door to see the ghost of Rover sat outside.  “Rover, what are you doing?” the landlord said.  “Didn’t you have a happy life here with us at the pub?  Why have you come back to haunt us?”

Rover’s ghost looked suitably shifty, as only a dog can.  “I did have a happy life here” he said, “and I’m sorry to come back like this.  The thing is, I went to St Peter and asked ‘can dogs enter the kingdom of heaven?’  He said yes, I could enter, but not without my tail, so I’ve come back to fetch it”.

“I see” said the landlord.  “I’m afraid I can’t help you tonight though, you’ll have to come back tomorrow morning for it”.

“Can’t I just take my tail away with me now?” asked Rover’s ghost.

“Now Rover” the landlord replied, “you were a pub dog all your life – you know the rules.  You know I’m not allowed to retail spirits after 11pm”.

Compliments of the season to you all.

A Christmas Carol – The Musical

We’re happy to promote other local shows here at BaCStage, especially when one of ours is appearing in them.  Our very own Lucy (recently of 7 Ages and In Need of Care) is appearing in A Christmas Carol – the Musical, from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th December at the Robinson Theatre, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge.

A Christmas Carol - The Musical

Compliments of the season

2015 is almost at an end.  It’s been a busy old year, with four (yes, four!) different plays.  Our February panto was Dick Whittington and his Cat, and in October we put on three one-act plays, A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum.  Going into 2016 we have already started on our next show, Virtue Triumphant, so there is much to look forward to next year already.

Rumour has it that readership of this blog has doubled over the last twelve months.  I’d like to wish both of our loyal readers a merry Christmas and happy new year, and sign off for 2015 with a joke:

There were all sorts of costumes on show at the New Year’s Eve fancy dress party.  There were people in uniform, super heroes, cartoon characters, vicars and tarts, werewolves and vampires and even a spaceman.  Then a completely naked man arrived, carrying a completely naked woman on his back.

“Is this the right place for the fancy dress party?” asked the completely naked man.

“Yes it is – but what have you come as?”

“I’m a tortoise” replied the completely naked man.

“Who’s that on your back?”

To which the naked man replied “that’s Michelle”.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.



What a cracker!

The seasonal festivities are well under way.  As 2014 draws to a close it’s a good time to take a look back at what we’ve done at BaCStage in the last twelve months.

We had two hugely successful shows this year.  In April Murdered to Death knocked ’em dead, and in October Hero paid tribute to the heroes of WWI a hundred years on, as well as helping to raise valuable funds for the Royal British Legion.  We took part in the Bluntisham Christmas Gift Fair, and at either end of the year we made significant improvements to the ODS, in the garden and getting the roof repaired.  Each one of these was a big deal in its own right, so to have done all of this in the same year has made 2014 a real cracker for BaCStage.  It doesn’t stop there either, as 2015 is set to start on a high with our pantomime, Dick Whittington, in February.

Of course you can’t have a cracker without a joke, so…
Q: What do you get if you cross a snowman with a shark?  A: Frostbite.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year have a good one, and look forward to great things in 2015.  Merry Christmas!

Tombolas and Tigers

Last week’s Christmas Gift fair was a great success.  You could say we did a “roaring” trade.

Christmas Gift Fair 2014Pity that none of the actors showed up in costume though.

Our tombola prizes were snapped up in double time, and we also managed to sneak in a subtle bit of product placement for our next show.

Christmas Gift Fair 2014Did you spot it?

Christmas Gift Fair 2014You may also have spotted that there was a tiger on our stall.  But why could this be?  Sounds like a cue for a festive quiz to me!

Was there a tiger on the BaCStage stall because:

A) Said tiger had escaped from a local wildlife park

B) BaCStage are diversifying from light entertainment into conservation of endangered species

C) There’s a panto looming on the horizon.

If I tell you that you’ll have to wait till February for the answer, that pretty much gives you the answer!

Thank you to everyone who came to the fair last week.  We hope to see you at our next production (whatever that may be) in the New Year!

Bluntisham Christmas Gift Fair

The Bluntisham Christmas Gift Fair will be taking place at the Village Hall on Saturday, November 15th between 2pm and 6pm.  BaCStage will be there – we will have a stall and will be running a tombola.  Anybody who has been to a BaCStage show and taken part in one of our legendary raffles will know what to expect in terms of prizes – there will be wine, choccies, games and other seasonal fare up for grabs.  It remains to be seen, of course, whether we will manage to condense our legendary raffle experience into a time-slot of only 4 hours, but we’ll have a go!

If you happen to be in the vicinity next Saturday do come along to the fair.  There will be all manner of festive goodies available, and as if that’s not enough to tempt you, you’ll be able to meet some actors “out of character” and find out more about us as well.  Don’t let the prospect of meeting actors put you off – actors are people too, just like you and me.  Well… not just like, but fairly similar…

Season’s greetings one and all, and we hope to see you there!