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An apology and a cake

I’d like to offer our loyal reader an apology.  It has been far too long since anyone posted anything on this blog.  Real life has an annoying habit of getting in the way sometimes.  I won’t waste your time with poor excuses; instead I will pretend that the last post was only a week or so ago and move swiftly on to what we’ve been doing lately.

Phew!  What a… week… it’s been.  In October BaCStage celebrated its 15th birthday with a big cake decorated with pictures from past productions, a suitable quantity of booze and a one-off performance of “Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor On Ice”, all of which went down very well with the carefully hand-picked audience of family and close friends who were in attendance.  No photos of “Sex Factor” have yet surfaced, unfortunately.  Yours truly was unable to take any piccies because he was on stage acting, dahling, but I did manage to get a snap of the cake before it disappeared, something which it did far more rapidly than a cake of that size had any right to do.


Once the party and Grimley were out of the way, preparations for our next production stepped up from medium- to full-swing.  What, you ask, is our next production?  It’s a panto!  Oh yes it is… oh no it’s not… oh yes it is… and so on, and so on, and so on…

Back in the summer we settled on Rumplestiltskin as our weapon of choice for the panto season.  Things got off to a slightly sticky start when we realised that the size of cast required was somewhat larger than the number of people available, but after some begging, stealing, borrowing, cajoling, arm-twisting, bribery and threats of violence we managed to round up enough bodies to be able to cast it.  BaCStage tradition dictates that February is panto month, more specifically the half-term for the benefit of the junior BaCStagers involved, so next February 14th to 16th we will be performing Rumplestiltskin for the amusement of the good people of Bluntisham and Colne, and indeed anyone else who turns up with a ticket.

Something else we’ll be doing next year is putting more posts onto this blog.  Promise.


Up in the roof

Renovation work continues apace at the Bluntisham Old Day School (ODS).  Recently one brave soul even ventured up into the loft space.


Nice knees, by the way.

But what did they find?  Rumour has it that all the old school records used to be stored up there.  Another, rather less pleasant rumour, says that the loft contains several decades’ worth of pigeon poop.  A third rumour, started on this very page, states that there is a lost and lonely actor who lives in the ODS attic, trapped up there since his mischevious colleague whisked away the ladder up which he had climbed.


This last rumour is given credence by the fact that a potential escape route down the chimney has recently been blocked off.


It seems that all concerned are determined to cover their tracks.


By the time they’ve finished there will be no clue as to the attic’s lonely occupant.  But on stormy nights when the moon is full and the wind whistles around the rooftops of Bluntisham, listen carefully and you may just hear his forlorn voice drifting across the village … “Prompt!  Prompt!  Line please!”

Labouring at the Old Day School

There’s plenty of work still to do at Bacstage’s new home The Old Day School in Bluntisham or the ODS as it is affectionately becoming known.

A few of us took ourselves down there on Saturday morning for some staple removing ( there were hundreds of staples in every piece of wood in the building; windows, doors and  picture rail) old fireplace removing and bricking up the gap and painting..

Here’s a few photos of the work in progress..


The Expert


The Grafter


The cement mixer



Chief staple remover


The stripper!! who can still work with coffee in hand .


The decorating team


and someone making a bit of mess for her owners to clean up later !