Old Day School, Bluntisham

My Friend Miss Flint

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

“My Friend Miss Flint” by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham (June 2022)

When Tom Lambert, botanist and TV gardening personality, receives a call from Inland Revenue enquiring about his public relations consultant Joanna Flint, he can honestly say he has never heard of her. By lunchtime, he knows all about Miss Flint: his accountant and ex wife confesses that she invented Miss Flint as a tax dodge. This tricky situation sets the stage for sparkling comedy.

What they said about My Friend Miss Flint:

“The play was really good. It was great to get out and see one again. Almost didnโ€™t realise โ€˜I needed thisโ€™โ€ฆ there was a massive smile on my face for so much of it, which broke into audible laughter at the twists and turns towards the end of the play”

“So glad to hear no one was hurt [when the light blew]. Congratulations on a very successful run with, My Friend Miss Flint. More please, with or without Tax Inspectors.”

“Very well done. We really enjoyed the very funny Our Friend Miss Flint, a tremendous effort made by all concerned. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Itโ€™s so good to hear our name on the lips of so many down South, the Border Reiverโ€™s of old would be very pleased.

There is a story that long ago in the far, far north of England a naughty monk stole some Cheese and his brother monks prayed hard to turn the culprit into a Fox, or Dodd in old English. The naughty monk was turned into a Fox for short time and thereafter his descendants were call Dodd or Dodds.

Oddly, I donโ€™t like Cheese.

Mr Dodds

“Great production. Well done to all of you”


Tom Lambert . . . . . . Luke
Lucy Napier . . . . . . Becky
Albert Whatmore . . . . . . Ash
Sarah Davenport . . . . . . Julie
Mr Dodds . . . . . . Gordon
C. P. Lens . . . . . . Sharon

Production Team

Director . . . . . . Gordon
Set Design and Construction . . . . . . Ron, Steve, Graham, Philip, Lucy, Alan
Lighting and Sound . . . . . . Jason, Daniel, Michael
Scenic Artist . . . . . . Lucy
Publicity . . . . . . Luke, Manda
Poster Design . . . . . . Thomas
Costumes . . . . . . The Cast
Continuity . . . . . . Denise
Front of House . . . . . . Helen and team


BaCStage would like to thank the following, without whose help this production would not have been possible:
Bluntisham Service Station ~ Bluntisham Fryer ~ Cole & Day, Somersham ~ Earith Timber Products Ltd ~ Elglaze Ltd ~ Bluntisham Parish Council

Our thanks also to the groups who have been unable to use their usual accommodation at the Village Hall during production week.