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Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Project 6-17: Whitby

The morning of Friday 23rd June 2017 dawned much like any other for the unsuspecting residents of Whitby. Hoteliers, fisher-folk and pirates all went about their business as usual, blissfully unaware of what was about to descend upon them. For throughout the day, travelling in small groups to avoid arousing suspicion, strange people descended upon…
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What happens in Pidley stays in Pidley

Now that our first World Tour has come to an end we can take time to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved.  We’ve been on a journey, both literal and metaphorical.  We’ve travelled the entire length of Route ‘Pidley Sheep Lane’ – and back again.  Living out of a suitcase (full of costumes…
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Recently, after one of our script readings, James found a dog in the road outside the ODS.  At first glance it looked hurt but on closer inspection it was OK, but apparently lost.  No-one in the group knew whose dog it was, and neither did anyone in the pub.  It did have a collar saying…
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… so his name is – Roger!  What is it, boys and girls?  That’s right – it’s Rumplestiltskin! Last weekend we completed the run of our latest production, Roger, and a great success it was too.  You can see many photos of it here. This was one of our largest and most ambitious productions to…
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BaCStage needs one of these!

Recently wifey and I enjoyed a rather marvellous holiday in Germany.  Staying on the shore of a lake in a picturesque village, we were surrounded by lush, rolling meadows with the Alps as a backdrop.  It was all rather “Sound of Music”, although of course without the long dark shadow cast by the looming, ominous and…
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