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Listen very carefully

Taking comedy very seriously

We take our comedy very seriously at BaCStage. You have to play comedy absolutely straight or it just isn’t funny. ‘Allo ‘Allo presents some interesting new challenges, not least of which is to portray a group of characters who are well known and much loved from off the telly (explainer for our young reader: “the…
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'Allo 'Allo, what's going on 'ere then?

Welcome to 2019, dear reader. Don’t be deceived by a lack of blog activity lately; we have been busy rehearsing ‘Allo ‘Allo. There is at least one thing in this country related to Europe that is going well… It’s hard work, being an actor, but someone has to do it!

Sound Men

Sound Men

These two are two sound men. You might be looking at that picture and thinking that they look decidedly unsound.  You may also be wondering why they are manning a bric-a-brac stall at a church fete (other denominations, including the absence thereof, are available). This though, is the sound effects table for our next production,…
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Listen very carefully… we have Wonderful news!

It’s been a bit quiet round BaCStage Towers lately.  We have mostly been melting in the heat.  You know the heat wave has gone on too long when even the trashy papers can’t be bothered with headlines about it being hotter than Rio / Madrid / Mallorca / Mordor / the centre of the sun…
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18 and counting…

18 dead deceased murdered copses?  That would be going some with a cast of only 10 characters.  Many secondary causes of death there… 18 days till opening night?  As it happens, at the time of writing there are, but we’re not having a balloon countdown every day. An 18th birthday?  Could be – but who? …
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Count Puchlik

Don't mention the War

What’s going on here then? Does this actor have dodgy knees?  Possibly. Are his trousers overly starchy?  Perhaps. Or is there something altogether more sinister going on? Come along to BaCStage’s next show Secondary Cause of Death and find out!  Tickets on sale now. You can buy your tickets online at TicketSource or in person…
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Somebody's body

This week we took delivery of the Bagshot House sofa.  Our green sofa has done an excellent job as understudy through rehearsals so far, but now we have the real thing.  We’d like to say a big thank you to the good people of Emmaus Cambridge for lending us the sofa, and also a bookcase;…
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Colonel Craddock, in the library, with the brass monkeys

Now, you may not be aware of this as it didn’t receive much coverage in the news, but it actually snowed in some parts of Britain last week.  I know! Storm Emma, the Beast from the East, an Arctic blast, dozens of cancelled rail services, hundreds of closed schools, the end of the world as…
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You leave them alone for 5 minutes…

Ron thought it would be a good idea to have a whiteboard and calendar in the ODS, to convey useful information such as “what we’re rehearsing this week” or “when actors will be missing rehearsals” or… Indeed.  Give a bunch of overgrown children a marker pen and whiteboard and you’ve only got yourself to blame…
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Actors, acting

If you build it, they will orally articulate

Bagshot House is starting to take shape. Looks like Colonel Craddock could do with getting the decorators in though.  Not to mention some doors.  Bonus point if you can spot part of the set from Virtue Triumphant there. Like moths to a flame, actors are inexorably drawn to a stage set.  They just can’t stop…
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