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A parting gift from Nick

Our regular reader will already know that after many years Nick and Jackie have retired from BaCStage service to go and collect sheds by the seaside.  However, Nick did leave us one of his famous handrails as a parting gift. With the safety of the actors assured, the show can go on! Tickets for It’s…
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Above and below stairs at Bagshot House

Two weeks ago (already!) we completed our successful run of Secondary Cause of Death.  You can see photos of the production itself over in our production photos section.  Here are some pictures from behind the scenes before, during and after the show. We’ve finally broken him, if not his sets.  Long-time set-builder and occasional gorilla…
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We'll meet again…

…but unlike Vera, we know where and we know when as Bluntisham Village Hall is transformed into Bagshot House for Secondary Cause of Death this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Set-up day was the usual hive of frenetic activity. If you stand around long enough, eventually someone will put a cup of tea in your…
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from everyone at BaCStage!

Talking carrots? Monsters under the bed? It must be Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly… jolly baffled by this year’s crop of Christmas TV adverts.  Personally, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for simpler, more innocent times, when a fox and a badger could bounce side by side in perfect harmony on a garden trampoline as a symbol of hope for a future of…
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It's been a busy old Autumn

Two shows in as many months?  Crivens!  We asked Must We Go To Bluntisham? in September before inviting you to Take Your Seats for our 20th Anniversary in October. During the Dorothy L Sayers Festival we hit upon a new way of enticing in the punters: Preparing for our 20th Anniversary sketches, Lucy applies make-up…
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Happy birthday to us

We enjoyed another good turn-out for part two of our birthday celebrations at Bluntisham Village Hall on Saturday.  We say it every time, but we really do mean it – thank you to everyone who comes along to see our shows and support us, we really do appreciate it. It must be said that Saturday…
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One down, one to go!

Our 20th anniversary celebrations got off to a flyer last night as the good people of Colne (and beyond) joined us at Colne Village Hall for the first of our two nights of Take Your Seat.  So many of them took their seats that we almost ran out of seats!  It was more or less…
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The actors are there to feed the dog

The dog is there to bite the actors if they don’t perform. Take Your Seats – you’d be barking mad to miss it! Tickets are on sale now. Also available from Bluntisham Service Station, or on the door. No dogs or actors were harmed in the making of this post.

How will you be taking your seat?

It’s only a few days until we invite you to Take Your Seats and join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary. How will you be choosing to take your seat? You could buy your tickets online… …or buy them in person from Bluntisham Service Station (supporting one of our sponsors at the same time)… …or…
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