Old Day School, Bluntisham


Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

BaCStage needs one of these!

Recently wifey and I enjoyed a rather marvellous holiday in Germany.  Staying on the shore of a lake in a picturesque village, we were surrounded by lush, rolling meadows with the Alps as a backdrop.  It was all rather “Sound of Music”, although of course without the long dark shadow cast by the looming, ominous and…
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Up in the roof

Renovation work continues apace at the Bluntisham Old Day School (ODS).  Recently one brave soul even ventured up into the loft space. Nice knees, by the way. But what did they find?  Rumour has it that all the old school records used to be stored up there.  Another, rather less pleasant rumour, says that the…
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Labouring at the Old Day School

There’s plenty of work still to do at Bacstage’s new home The Old Day School in Bluntisham or the ODS as it is affectionately becoming known. A few of us took ourselves down there on Saturday morning for some staple removing ( there were hundreds of staples in every piece of wood in the building; windows, doors…
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Run for your wife

Last week several BaCStagers went to see another local group in action as the Centre Players performed Run for your wife in St. Ives.  One of the cast, Terry, has appeared in several recent BaCStage productions, so we were there to have a good laugh at him – for all the right reasons, of course.…
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Oooh, Rumpy Pumpy!

So this week we read Act 2 of Rumplestiltskin (don’t call him Rumpy Pumpy, he doesn’t like it!) and had a lot of fun with it.  So much so, in fact, that we decided not to read any more scripts but to go for it as our panto production… …as long as we have enough…
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A rare sunny weekend in the wet spring we’ve been having saw several BaCStagers at the Old Day School to continue with the big clean-up.  Inside the new coat of paint continues to expand to cover more of the wall space and outside we made the most of the weather to crack on with a…
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Step 1 – Choose a script

Our next production is a panto next February.  But that’s ages away…  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is!  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is! … and so on … and so on … Although that sort of rowdy banter is the basis of any pantomime (oh no it’s not!  Oh yes…
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BaCStage has two new homes

It’s a busy old time for BaCStage at the moment.  Hot on the heels of our successful production of Pass the Butler we have already started work on our next production, and we have moved into not one but two new homes! Well, sort of.  One of those homes is this website, our little corner…
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