Old Day School, Bluntisham

Author: hellenjc

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

BacStage isn't just about the acting you know… The preparation is everything !

Everyone who comes to see our productions, ( and if you don’t , I really think you should  😉  ) only sees the end result of months of hard work…
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All we need now is the Audience. In other words – YOU :)

. The director asking where have all the actors gone? . Some of the cast asking, where have all the audience gone? . Ah! the director has found the cast and…
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The mobility of the face – No! No! that's Mobility not Nobility !!

Our next comedy production, Deborah’s Party, will soon be performed for your delectation.. Oooooo what fun ! I thought I’d tantalize you with a few strange, or should that be…
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Labouring at the Old Day School

There’s plenty of work still to do at Bacstage’s new home The Old Day School in Bluntisham or the ODS as it is affectionately becoming known. A few of us took ourselves…
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