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Miss Flint: a BaCStage show like no other

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Miss Flint: a BaCStage show like no other

Last month we completed our latest show, My Friend Miss Flint. You can see photos from the show here.

Miss Flint was one of the hardest productions we’ve ever put on. The script was a challenging one, and there was the small matter of Covid delaying the production for two years. During all that time the set stood waiting in the ODS, with only the spiders to tread the boards (a lot of spiders made the ODS their home during lockdown). Ross, originally cast as Mr Dodds, left for university – we wish him well, of course, and we were delighted that he came to see the show. Most of the set-builders retired from acting service, and we wish them well, too. We also lost our transport as Jespal, who kindly provided it to us for several shows pre-lockdown, no longer has anything smaller than a 40-tonne artic, again due to Covid. Driving an artic around the back streets of Blunty would certainly be a performance to watch, but there’s no way our insurance would cover the aftermath. Oh, and instead of having the whole weekend beforehand to set up and have a technical rehearsal, we only had the Sunday afternoon following the Beer Festival. Going into production week we were wondering whether we could pull it off!

Miss Flint had one last sting in the tail with the exploding light on Saturday, and if we’re being completely honest, the audience saw a slightly different show each night (ahem), but all in all, Miss Flint was a much-needed success. We can still do this, and we’ve got the taste for it again. BaCStage is back!

Right then, on to the next oneā€¦


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