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Say hello to Tom and friends!

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Say hello to Tom and friends!

Welcome to Tom Lambert’s bachelor pad.

Tom Lambert’s pad, yesterday

Tom Lambert? You know, the one from that gardening programme. Author of the best-selling book Living Off Your Window Box. One of the country’s foremost authorities on potatoes. That Tom Lambert.

He’s been living the high life recently, but now the tax people are after him, his ex-wife and creative accountant Sarah, and their elusive friend Miss Flint. Will they end up smelling of roses, or has Tom had his chips!

Two of Tom’s biggest fans – or are they spying for the tax man?

Tickets are available online or from Bluntisham Garage.


Tom . . . Luke
Lucy . . . Becky
Albert . . . Ash
Sarah . . . Julie
Mr Dodds . . . Gordon
C. P. Lens . . . Sharon

Directed by Gordon & Denise

As previously mentioned, My Friend Miss Flint was originally written and set in the 1980s. Rather than rummaging through the back – or front – of our wardrobes for authentic 80s clothing, we have decided instead to set our adaptation in the present day.


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