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Miss Flint is back! (and so are we)

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Miss Flint is back! (and so are we)

Have you ever woken up / got out of the shower / stumbled drunkenly up the stairs after a work event in your own back garden (delete as appropriate) and wished that the past two years of Covid-ness simply hadn’t happened? We certainly have. So much so, in fact, that like Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower (topical reference there – yoof Ed) we’ve decided to dismiss recent events as nothing but a bad dream, and continue from where we left off with our planned production of My Friend Miss Flint. Next month we are returning to Bluntisham Village Hall for our first 2-act play since Season’s Greetings in November 2019. Yes, it really has been that long!

When Tom Lambert, botanist and TV gardening personality, receives a call from Inland Revenue enquiring about his public relations consultant Joanna Flint, he can honestly say he has never heard of her. By lunchtime, he knows all about Miss Flint: his accountant and ex wife confesses that she invented Miss Flint as a tax dodge. This tricky situation sets the stage for sparkling comedy.

The cast is largely unchanged from that originally published two years ago. That is to say, it’s mostly the same people playing the same parts. We’ve all changed as people. Who knew how to bake sourdough, or who Joe Wicks was, two years ago? (I still don’t know either of those things – Netflix & WFH Ed). We do have one cast change though, as Ross has flown the BaCStage nest and headed off to University. We will therefore have a special guest playing the part of Mr Dodds. Spoiler alert – it’s not Patrick Duffy.

Tickets will go on sale soon, so be sure to keep an eye on this here website and our various socials over the next few weeks for more details. We do hope you’ll join us for an evening of comedy, deceit, mistaken identity, gardening and top tips on how (not) to swindle the tax people.

My Friend Miss Flint

by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham

23rd – 25th June 2022

Bluntisham Village Hall

Tickets on sale soon


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  1. Jackie Mair says:

    GREAT to hear you’re back in action, BaCStage. Best wishes to you all xxxxxx

  2. Bobbie says:

    Can’t wait for this glad your back when are tickets on sale please

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