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Welcome to Our New Website

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Welcome to Our New Website

If all’s gone well, you’re reading this post on our brand-new website and, if you were subscribed to our old website via WordPress or email, then hopefully you’ll have received a notification about this post!

All the content from the old site has been migrated but may have been merged with other content or moved. I would take this opportunity to do a tour of the new site but one of the many reasons we chose to redesign the site included improving the navigation so I’d like to think that you can find your own way around.

‘If you’re an eagle-eyed follower of our blog then you may notice that this is the second post I’ve ever written for BaCStage and that my first post back in March 2017 was to announce that we’re on Facebook after I had created our Facebook Page. I would therefore not be surprised that you think I’m the “techy” for BaCStage (especially considering that I’m a millennial) but a lot of our online presence is the work of others in the group and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Luke for his help in making the new site a reality!

Luke is responsible for a lot of the site’s content and now that we’ve improved his playground, perhaps he can teach me how to bring a blog post to an end because I have no idea how to round this off!

The End?

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  1. Luke says:

    That’s a nice picture of the BaCStage IT department in their casual every-day clothes. You should see us when we get our costumes on!
    As the new, de-cluttered homepage says, it’s more than just acting. Getting the site updated has been great teamwork. “Thomas the techy” is being modest – he’s been the driving force behind getting the new site off the ground.
    As for how to end a blog post? You just end a blog post. Always leave them wanting…

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