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'Allo 'Allo Coming Soon

‘Allo Bluntisham, zis is Nighthawk, Nighthawk calling Bluntisham.  I ‘ave a message for you.  Ze cast for ‘Allo ‘Allo ‘as been assembled and will be ready to perform at Bluntisham Village Hall from April 4th to 6th (if zey are not ready zey vill be shot – Herr Direktor Ed).  Stand by for news on tickets, going on sale very soon!

~ The French ~

After a break of four years he’s back.  Ash last appeared as Fairy Bow-belle in Dick Whittington and His Cat in 2015 (why does he always get the part of the dame?).  Ash has been part of BaCStage since its inception in 1997, when we were known as The Millennium Players.  He is looking forward to this small walk-on part of René Artois in ‘Allo ‘Allo.  Please excuse his French accent.

Christine is BaCStage’s founder member and has both acted in and directed many of our productions.  This may explain why she has most recently taken to playing pantomime villains, as Queen Rat in Dick Whittington (2015) and Bad Fairy in Beauty and The Beast (2017).

This is Sue’s first production with BaCStage.

Ross most recently starred as George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (2018) and chef Larry Tuthill in Secondary Cause of Death (2018), when he was also assistant director.  He played Nobby in In Need of Care (2015), the Wicked Gravedigger in Virtue Triumphant (2016), took various roles in 7 Ages of Man (2016) and Take Your Seats (2017) and has featured in several of our pantos.

This is Julie’s first BaCStage performance and the first acting she’s done since she was an angel in her primary school nativity 40 years ago!  However a couple of years ago she was a member of Meridian Singers so has had more recent experience in front of an audience.

A long-standing BaCStager, Becky most recently played Violet Bick and several other characters in It’s a Wonderful Life (2018).  She has played countless roles in BaCStage plays and pantomimes, and is unique in the group as being the only actor to be murdered in both Murdered to Death (2014) and Secondary Cause of Death (2018).

~ The Germans & Italians ~

Colonel Kurt von Strohm
Ron rejoined the group in 2014 and is now Chairman. He has directed three plays and two pantomimes, also appearing in one of the pantos, and has acted in two plays and narrated one short play. His roles include Uncle Billy (It’s a Wonderful Life, 2018) and The Maypole (Virtue Triumphant, 2016). He will be directing our next production. Ron has also acted in and directed productions in Cambridge, Comberton and Waterbeach.

Capt. Bertorelli
Allo ‘Allo is Thomas’ tenth production with BaCStage. For each of his previous nine productions, he’s taken on challenging roles. This time he fancied a bit of a break so wanted a role that he relates to, one that doesn’t require much acting: a flamboyant bombastic who believes himself to be very charming and has a keen eye for the ladies, but who loves nobody more than himself. In fact, the only difference between Thomas and Captain Alberto Bertorelli is that Thomas isn’t Italian.

Herr Otto Flick
Luke takes great pleasure in playing villains such as Mr Potter (It’s a Wonderful Life, 2018) and the wicked Squire Sir Septimus Grope (Virtue Triumphant, 2016) but his favourite role to date is that of Inspector Pratt (Murdered to Death, 2014 and Secondary Cause of Death, 2018).  Everyone who knows him assumed he would be playing Herr Flick in ‘Allo ‘Allo, even his own mother.

Julie is an experienced actress.  She has appeared in many plays, musicals and pantos in Scotland.  This is her second performance with BaCStage.  She played Lady Isadora Pollock in Secondary Cause of Death (2018). She also belongs to Earith Players.

Lieut. Gruber
Steve last appeared on stage whilst at school.  In the intervening years he has steadfastly turned down roles in The Bill, Emmerdale, Grange Hill and Eastenders, finally being persuaded to play Lieutenant Gruber in ‘Allo ‘Allo with BaCStage.

General von Schmelling
Kevin played angel Clarence Oddbody in It’s a Wonderful Life (2018).  He has featured in many of our pantos and plays in recent years.  He is a prolific performer with several local groups ranging from panto to passion plays, has appeared in Shakespeare at The George, in radio plays for Radio Cambridgeshire and had a major role in a radio soap airing three times a week.

~ The British ~

Officer Crabtree
Gary is making his second appearance for BaCStage, this time as Officer Crabtree, the undercover British agent with a less-than-perfect grasp of the French language. Gary’s previous role was as Count Puchlik in Secondary Cause of Death (2018).  His last acting experience dates from the mid-80s, a bit like his VHS copy of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Airman 1
Zara has appeared in two previous BaCStage Pantomimes, as a Rat in Dick Whittington (2015) and Willow, one of the talking trees in Beauty and the Beast (2017). She has also appeared with the Wellworth Players.

Airman 2
Following long and enthusiastic participation in the audience of many BaCStage productions, Phillip has decided to cross the line of the safety curtain to parachute into the role of British Airman.  This is after a non-existent period of time in the RAF, a minor part in the Piddletrenthide Players Variety Show in 1980, and numerous children’s productions which he wrote, directed and produced.

~ Herr Direktor ~

‘Allo ‘Allo is Gordon’s directorial debut.  He is a key member of BaCStage’s ‘back stage’ team, in set construction and stage management.  He claims to “not do acting” but is very happy to stand in for missing actors at rehearsals.  Along with Jason he created the sound effects for It’s a Wonderful Life live during the show, and voiced Jimmy the Bird, his most prominent on-stage role to date.

'Allo 'Allo Coming Soon

BaCStage present ‘Allo ‘Allo
Bluntisham Village Hall
Thursday April 4th to Saturday April 6th 2019 @ 7:30pm
Saturday Matinee @ 2:30pm

Tickets on sale soon

This amateur production of ‘Allo ‘Allo is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.


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