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…and now, a word from our sponsors

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They were presumed to have been lost for decades, but recently they have been rediscovered in a dark and dusty corner of the vast and labyrinthine crypt below the ODS, in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”  Given their first airing since their original broadcast, here are the transcripts of the sponsor radio adverts that accompanied It’s a Wonderful Life.

MAN: Not so long ago, the auto-mo-bile (pronounced “auto-mow-beel”) was seen as a luxury item.  About the only time it got an airing was on high days and holidays.  In the modern world, today’s busy man needs a trustworthy mechanic to keep his auto-mo-bile on the road.  Relax, fellas, and call into COLE AND DAY in Somer-SHAM, for all your motoring needs!
COLE AND DAY has a team of swell mechanics who know about everything under the hood!  COLE AND DAY can supply and fit a range of batteries, tail pipes and tires, for all popular marques of car.  They can ensure you have a safe trip, through professional servicing of your brakes, steering and wheel alignment.
Call in to COLE AND DAY for your winter check, so you’re not stuck in the parking lot with no antifreeze, or a duff spare tire in your trunk!
From a sedan to a station wagon, a pick up to the little lady’s gadabout, call into COLE AND DAY in Somer-SHAM for all your automotive needs!

WOMAN: Ladies, when your man has been out doing manly things, like fixing his auto-mo-bile (or paying someone else to fix it!) he’ll expect his dinner to be on the table when he comes home. If you love him, you’ll want to feed him the best you can.
That’s where BUDGENS, your neighbourhood grocery store, is a real boon to the modern woman!  BUDGENS has a wide range of groceries, fresh and refrigerated foods, liquor, candy and soda.
Within BUDGENS you’ll also find BLUNTISHAM BUTCHERS, THE place to pick up some ribs, chuck or ham to keep your red-blooded male happy!
You folks in Blunti-SHAM are real lucky to have both BUDGENS and BLUNTISHAM BUTCHERS right here in your neighbourhood, be sure to call in and load up your shopping cart today!

WOMAN: What?! Where?!
MAN: Don’t worry my dear, the village hall isn’t falling on our heads. I’m talking about EARITH TIMBER!
WOMAN: EARITH TIMBER, what’s that?
MAN: Why, EARITH TIMBER are the number 1 local supplier of timber products. They provide sawn and pressure treated timber, heat treated panels, and top grade timber for fencing and gates!
WOMAN: Gee, EARITH TIMBER have more timber than you can shake a stick at!
MAN: They sure do! They can even provide you with that stick to shake!
WOMAN: You know, I might give EARITH TIMBER a call. We need a new fence for our back yard. Oh, but I don’t think my husband could fit fence panels in the back of our little ol’ auto-mo-bile!
MAN: Not to worry my dear, EARITH TIMBER offer same-day delivery!
WOMAN: They do? Then I’m gonna call them right now! (Woman exits)
MAN: EARITH TIMBER! You WOOD be crazy to go anywhere else! TIMMMBERRRR!

MAN: No one likes a force 10 gale up their night shirt and neither should you.
With ELGLAZE’s mighty range of uPCV double and triple-glazed windows, doors and conservatories you can say “so long” to draughts, while simultaneously bringing some quality and elegance to your homestead or parlour.
If you are after excellent value for your buck, amazing build quality, and customer service that’s just swell, then call ELGLAZE today.
But don’t just take our word for it. Take your automobile to our showroom and see for yourself. You can even bring your gal and show her how easy they are to keep clean.
Join the thousands of satisfied ELGLAZE customers and say goodbye to those pesky draughts and see what difference ELGLAZE makes to your life – and your night shirt.

MAN: Any of you fellas got some things that need moving? Maybe your kids are off to College, or you’re helping your buddy moving to a new apartment? Then you need a van from WARBOYS VAN HIRE!
WARBOYS VAN HIRE are your friendly local van hire company and offer a wide range of vans for you to self drive. With no hidden costs, unlike many other van rental companies, WARBOYS VAN HIRE have the lowest prices in town!
WARBOYS VAN HIRE is the van provider of choice for the BaCStage Radio Theatre. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, this stage, our equipment, and even the cast, were transported here in a van from WARBOYS VAN HIRE. Their vans can move anything from big bulky items like this stage, to fragile delicate items like these actors, so they’re sure to have the right van for you.
If it needs moving, move it in a van from WARBOYS VAN HIRE!



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