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There’s just a month to go until our next production, It’s a Wonderful Life!
As previously mentioned on this very blog, the “radio on stage play” format will be something rather different.  We won’t be having a fully detailed set, preferring instead a simple backdrop.  All of the cast will be on stage for the entire time, most of them playing several characters distinguished only by voice and the cunning use of hats.  Alongside the actors, two sound effects artists will be creating sound effects live on stage.  It promises to be a show like none we have ever done before!
It will also be something different for those of us taking part.  As Nicola, one of the stars of the show, put it,

“This radio stage play appealed as it was challenging in a different way: the script was near (in case of emergency memory lapse) but there is nowhere to hide, either in character costumes or set and scenery! Also the challenge of trying to produce 3 different American accents….”

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the cast for our Autumn 2018 production, It’s a Wonderful Life!

George Bailey
Ross most recently starred as chef Larry Tuthill in Secondary Cause of Death (2018), where he was also assistant director.  He has featured in several BaCStage pantos, and has also played Nobby in In Need of Care (2015), the Wicked Gravedigger in Virtue Triumphant (2016) and took several roles in 7 Ages of Man (2016) and Take Your Seats (2017).

Clarence (Angel, 2nd class) / Mr Davis (Shareholder)
Kevin is best known to BaCStage audiences for his panto roles and as long-suffering Constable Thomkins in Murdered to Death (2014).  He is a prolific performer with several local groups ranging from panto to passion plays, has appeared in Shakespeare at The George, in radio plays for Radio Cambridgeshire and had a major role in a radio soap airing three times a week.

Mary Hatch
Jess is also well known for her panto roles, most recently as Colette in Beauty and The Beast (2017).  She played Shirley in In Need of Care (2015) and Rose Maybud in Virtue Triumphant (2016).  Her latest role was as nurse Ann Parsley in Secondary Cause of Death (2018).

Superintendent of Angels / Ellie (Taxi driver) / Dr Campbell (Shareholder chair) / Carter (Bank Examiner)
Nicola has played a diverse range of roles for BaCStage including amateur sleuth Joan Maple (Murdered to Death, 2014), Joan’s sinister sister Cynthia Maple (Secondary Cause of Death, 2018), vampish spy Lola (Night at the Brick Museum, 2015) and domineering match-maker Deborah (Deborah’s Party, 2013).  She also co-directed 7 Ages of Man (2016).

Uncle Billy (George’s uncle) / Martini (Bar/café owner) / Town Sheriff
Ron is chairman of BaCStage and regularly directs or acts in our productions as well as undertaking a wealth of behind-the-scenes activities.  His many directing credits include both Murdered to Death (2014) and Secondary Cause of Death (2018).  His most recent acting role was in Beauty and the Beast (2017), which he also directed.

Mr Potter (warped, old financier) / Officer Bert (Local cop) / Toll taker / Radio announcer
Luke has played a variety of roles, most notably Inspector Pratt in Murdered to Death (2014) and Secondary Cause of Death (2018).  He has also tried his hand at directing with Night at the Brick Museum (2015).

Ma Bailey (George’s mother) / Mrs Hatch (Mary’s mother) / Zuzu (George’s 5 yr old daughter) / Clara (Bank teller)
Jane has been involved in the group since its inception as “The Millennium Players” (1997), appeared in the debut production of sketches and a short play (February 1998), and then directed a short play Captain Blackboot’s Island (summer 1998).  Since then she has been involved in most productions including sourcing costumes and prompting as well as acting and directing.

Violet Bick (Easy girl) / Janie (George’s 8 yr old daughter) / Bank teller / Impatient Neighbour / Mrs Thompson (Shareholder)
Another long-standing member, Becky has played countless roles in BaCStage plays and pantomimes.  She is unique in the group as being the only actor to be murdered in both Murdered to Death (2014) and Secondary Cause of Death (2018).

Nick (Bartender / bar owner) / Sam Wainwright (George’s successful businessman friend) / Harry Bailey (George’s brother) / Charlie (Shareholder) / Young George (10 yr old)
Thomas is another best known for his panto roles, including the Beast in Beauty and The Beast (2017) and Dick in Dick Whittington (2015).  He also featured in Virtue Triumphant (2016), In Need of Care (2015) and 7 Ages of Man (2016).

Pop Bailey (George’s father) / Gower (Pharmacist / drunk) / Mr Welch (Angry husband) / Randy (Shareholder)
New to the Bluntisham area, Alan is determined to make his mark on the local stage and has chosen BaCStage to be his launch-pad to the stars.  Good luck with that, Alan.

Cousin Tilly (Loan office clerk) / Petey (George’s 9 yr old son) / Eddy (Shareholder)
Carol has been BaCStage secretary for many years.   Her on-stage roles have included panto choruses, Trigger the Horse, and the rear end of Daisy the Cow.  She most recently trod the boards during our 7 Ages of Man World Tour in 2016.

Sound Effects Artist
Jason designs the lighting and sound for all of our shows, operating them as well when he isn’t up on stage.  His most recent acting role was as Colonel Charles Craddock in Secondary Cause of Death (2018).  It’s a Wonderful Life offers Jason a rare opportunity to combine his on-stage and behind-the-scenes personas into one.

Sound Effects Artist / Jimmy the birdJimmy
Gordon is a key member of BaCStage’s ‘back stage’ team, in set construction and stage management.  He claims to “not do acting” but is very happy to stand in for missing actors at rehearsals.  Along with Jason he will be creating the sound effects for It’s a Wonderful Life live during the show, his most prominent on-stage role to date.

Musical accompaniment – Vocalist
Jo has musically directed and appeared in several BaCStage Pantomimes as “Principal Boy”.  She has also worked behind the scenes as Make-up Artist.  Jo and Roger have performed in concerts together for 18 years and have raised money for charities including Breast Cancer Care and EACH at Milton.

Musical accompaniment – Pianist
Roger has accompanied singers in Cambridgeshire for over 25 years as well as working with local instrumentalists.  He sings with and conducts the choir of St John the Evangelist, Hills Road, Cambridge.  This is Roger’s first ever performance with BaCStage and we are very pleased to have him on board.

Peter has been a member of BaCStage since its inception and before that its predecessor the Millennium Players, joining in 1998. During his time Peter has progressed from a few lines, to leading roles and directing a number of plays for BaCStage. This production of It’s a Wonderful Life was initially suggested by Peter and he is delighted to bring it to fruition.

It’s a Wonderful Life
~ October 18th – 20th 2018 ~
Bluntisham Village Hall

~ o O o ~

Tickets on sale soon


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