Old Day School, Bluntisham

Above and below stairs at Bagshot House

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Above and below stairs at Bagshot House

Two weeks ago (already!) we completed our successful run of Secondary Cause of Death.  You can see photos of the production itself over in our production photos section.  Here are some pictures from behind the scenes before, during and after the show.
We’ve finally broken him, if not his sets.  Long-time set-builder and occasional gorilla Nick is retiring to the seaside.  This could well be the last BaCStage show he is actively involved in.  It is indeed the end of an era.
Nick’s construction legacy will live on, though.  We have many instructions to follow.  Whether this bunch of numpties is capable of following instructions remains to be seen, of course.
You couldn’t run us off another dozen or so handrails before you go, could you Nick?
The pace on set-up day was relentless.
Setup daySetup day
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – tea does not drink itself.
Lady Isadora’s hair took almost as long to construct as the rest of the set.
Lady Isadora
We are sticklers for attention to detail at BaCStage including, on this occasion, authentic wartime hosiery.
It was a warm one on opening night.  Fortunately the BaCStage fan club was in attendance.
Fan club
Time for a little game.  Spot the ball?  No.  Spot the dog?  No.  It’s…
Spot the...
… spot the lighting engineer!  He’s in there somewhere.
Spoiler alert – the next couple of photos are plot-spoilers.  Even if you didn’t see the show, you might be able to guess from other posts and photos which plot points they are giving away.  If you did see the show and you still can’t work it out, I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader…

It’s that “bloody” nurse again!
And now, dear reader, we face the final curtain – and what a curtain it is!  It takes seven people just to iron it!
The Curtain Gang 2018
It’s curtains for that lot, and indeed for this production.  A big “well done” to everyone involved, and an enormous “thank you” to everyone who has supported us.
Right then, time to get started on the next one.  More details coming very soon…


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