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Back in time for murder!

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Back in time for murder!

Welcome to Bagshot House, 1939.
We are taking you back in time to before WWII when Britannia ruled the waves and the upper classes ruled Britannia; when those below stairs knew their deferential place and those born into privilege sensed their own entitlement.  It’s the will of the people, don’tcha know!


Colonel Craddock

Take Colonel Charles Craddock, for example.  He may appear to be an affable old duffer who only has a few marbles rattling about upstairs, but if he doesn’t like the cut of your jib he’ll take his twelve-bore to you and no mistake!
After the previous goings on at Bagshot House in Murdered to Death Colonel Craddock now owns the old pile and runs it as a hotel for the discerning guest – none of your riff-raff here.
Staying with the Colonel on this occasion are

Count Puchlik

Count Puchlik of Puszczykowo, a Polish Gentleman who has grave fears for the future of his people and his country in the face of Herr Hitler and his massed ranks of Panzers,

Cynthia Maple

Cynthia Maple, who uses Bagshot House to stage murder mystery weekends based on the cases of her sister, local amateur sleuth Joan Maple,

Cardew Longfellow

Cardew Longfellow, a thespian employed by Cynthia Maple to play a leading role in her latest re-enactment,

Lady Isadora

Lady Isadora Pollock, who read about the Bagshot House murder mystery weekends in The Times and simply had to be a part of one,

Capt. Henrietta

and Capt. Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington, an ATS Officer dispatched by British Intelligence to assess Bagshot House’s suitability as a secret Ops centre should Mister Hitler start causing any trouble
The question is – are any of these people really who they appear to be?
Then there are Colonel Craddock’s domestic staff. Is Martha just the housekeeper, or is she keeping secrets from the rest of the household? What is Larry Tuthill cooking up in the kitchen besides the meals?  And what exactly is the nature of the relationship between Colonel Craddock and Nurse Parsley?

Inspector Pratt

Last, and definitely least, there is Inspector Pratt. At least one of this ensemble is exactly what he appears to be.
The storm clouds of war are gathering over Europe.  Will this be Pratt’s finest hour, or will he make an even bigger mess of things than last time?  If you’re the discerning type, why not pay a visit to Bagshot House and find out?
Bagshot House opens its doors to paying guests tonight!

(the sequel to Murdered to Death)
by Peter Gordon
April 19th, 20th & 21st 2018 ~ Bluntisham Village Hall

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