Old Day School, Bluntisham

Month: March 2018

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Cereal Killer

Give us a clue… doh!

Colonel Craddock’s guests are gathering at Bagshot House.  They had better watch their backs though, and also their fronts and their sides, for peril lurks in every dark nook and…
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Count Puchlik

Don't mention the War

What’s going on here then? Does this actor have dodgy knees?  Possibly. Are his trousers overly starchy?  Perhaps. Or is there something altogether more sinister going on? Come along to…
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Somebody's body

This week we took delivery of the Bagshot House sofa.  Our green sofa has done an excellent job as understudy through rehearsals so far, but now we have the real…
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Tickets now on sale for Secondary Cause of Death

About time too, old boy.  Tickets are now on sale for Secondary Cause of Death. You can buy your tickets online at TicketSource or in person at Bluntisham Service Station…
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Actors, acting

Secondary Cast of Death

It’s barely a month until opening night and tickets go on sale next week.  It’s about time we introduced the cast of Secondary Cause of Death.  Get to know them now…
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Colonel Craddock, in the library, with the brass monkeys

Now, you may not be aware of this as it didn’t receive much coverage in the news, but it actually snowed in some parts of Britain last week.  I know!…
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