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If you build it, they will orally articulate

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

If you build it, they will orally articulate

Actors, acting

Bagshot House is starting to take shape.
Bagshot House
Looks like Colonel Craddock could do with getting the decorators in though.  Not to mention some doors.  Bonus point if you can spot part of the set from Virtue Triumphant there.
Like moths to a flame, actors are inexorably drawn to a stage set.  They just can’t stop themselves from getting up and performing (it’s called “rehearsing” – Ed).
Actors, acting
Just as well, really.  If they only did this sort of thing at home then the rest of us would never get to see it (what actors actually do get up to at home is their own business, of course, although we could probably sell tickets for that too).
We’ll find out what they’re up to when Secondary Cause of Death takes to the stage.  Whether Inspector Pratt manages to figure it out is another matter entirely!

(the sequel to Murdered to Death)
by Peter Gordon
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with
Josef Weinberger Limited
April 19th, 20th & 21st 2018 ~ Bluntisham Village Hall


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