Old Day School, Bluntisham

It's been a busy old Autumn

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

It's been a busy old Autumn

Two shows in as many months?  Crivens!  We asked Must We Go To Bluntisham? in September before inviting you to Take Your Seats for our 20th Anniversary in October.
During the Dorothy L Sayers Festival we hit upon a new way of enticing in the punters:
01 DLS Cakes
Preparing for our 20th Anniversary sketches, Lucy applies make-up to Ross…
02 Ross
…before applying beard to Jason:
03 Beard
Ash was on hand to check the straightness of the beard:
04 Ash
Jason has grand plans for a handlebar moustache:
05 Tache
Jess loves playing with her “Girl’s World”:
06 Girls World
Is this seat taken?  Yes, it is.
07 Seat
Hey mate… got a squidgy?
08 Squidgy
BaCStage actors – driving directors to drink for twenty years and counting…
09 Drink
A couple of swells:
10 Swells
A couple of (role) players:
11 Ladies
…and a couple who absolutely, positively, don’t do acting:
12 No acting please
Right, that’s that lot finished.  Time to start on the next one!


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