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Happy birthday to us

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Happy birthday to us

We enjoyed another good turn-out for part two of our birthday celebrations at Bluntisham Village Hall on Saturday.  We say it every time, but we really do mean it – thank you to everyone who comes along to see our shows and support us, we really do appreciate it.
It must be said that Saturday night didn’t entirely pass off without any hitches.  There was a noticeable delay before the start of the raffle.  Rumours of raffle fraud were starting to circulate, but then a suspicious-looking character was found lurking in the bar with the tombola.  Having a bar on-site is always risky when there are actors involved.  The gentleman in question cannot be identified for legal reasons, but I can reveal that his name sounds like “Snick”.  As in, “who’s that?”  “Snick”.
On a more serious note, we know that there were problems with restricted visibility for those people sat at the back and this is something we will try to address if we do another “no stage” show in Blunty.  For our next production we’ll be back to our usual arrangement, up on stage and with cabaret-style seating.
On an even more serious note, now that the show is in the bag it’s fair to say we nearly didn’t have a show at all.  We had originally wanted to put on a production of It’s a Wonderful Life but were unable to cast it (it is something we want to return to in future though).  We looked at a couple of other plays, needing progressively fewer actors, but were unable to cast them either.  For a while it looked like we wouldn’t have a show at all this Autumn.  Then three things happened in relatively quick succession – someone (I’m not sure whom) realised that this year was our 20th anniversary, Ron suggested Is This Seat Taken? and offered to direct it, and Jackie volunteered to put together a selection of sketches and music.  At the 11th hour we got ourselves a show, and like Cinderella we could go to the ball after all (alright!).  Both Jackie and Ron deserve a lot of credit for putting Take Your Seat together, and doing so in record time after the delays and set-backs we suffered earlier in the year.  Credit too should go to the actors who learned their respective parts on a much reduced rehearsal schedule.  Parts of the show were still coming together in production week, when normally we’re swanning around in our costumes and planning the after-show party.
Chairman Ron is keen to avoid such problems for our next production and so we’ll be making a start on that almost immediately.  Those of you who Took Your Seats will have heard his announcement of what that show will be.  For the rest of you, I can reveal that we will be… giving more details on our website soon.  Always leave them wanting more!
Now, as it’s our birthday, you haven’t got any more of that delicious cake, have you…?


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