In a change to previous listings…

We have good news and bad news for you, dear reader.

First, the bad news. Unfortunately we have had to shelve our plans for the production of It’s a Wonderful Life that we had intended to stage later this year. In the end we were unable to cast it. We fully intend to return to it at a later date.

The good news is that we have not one but two other shows in production for this autumn. In September we are taking part in the Spirit of Sayers festival celebrating the creative spirit of Dorothy L Sayers, one of Bluntisham’s most famous former residents. In October we will be marking BaCStage’s 20th anniversary with a one-act play and various sketches. Watch this space for more details on both productions, coming soon.


Viva El Presidente!

The times they are a-changin’ down at BaCStage Towers.

Our long-term president, Nick (12 years incumbent by the reckoning of those who’ve been around that long) has decided to step down so that he can spend more time with the love of his life – his ever-expanding fleet of land- and sea-borne transportation.  We’ve heard mention of a boat and also of a camper van; presumably they are separate vehicles but given Nick’s fondness for making things and his large, well-equipped toolbox (fnarr fnarr) it is possible that he has created one of these.

Taking over the role of BaCStage supremo is Ron.  Ron has many directing credits to his name including our last two pantos and our smash-hit murder mystery spoof Murdered to Death.  He’s also racked up a fair few acting credits too.  He’s very enthusiastic about taking over the chairmanship, but he’s not letting the power go to his head.  It’s not as if he’s installed a throne in the ODS or anything like that.

Ron's Coronation
Ron’s coronation was a great success