It’s a Wonderful Life Character List

Ahead of this week’s auditions, here are the available parts. The play consists of 36 characters split between 11 actors.

1 M George Bailey Dreamer / Loan Officer
2 M Clarence Angel, Second Grade
3 F Mary / Librarian George’s wife / Librarian
4 F Superintendent of Angels Boss of the Angels
Carter Bank Auditor
Tilley George’s cousin and loan officer
5 M Announcer Radio Announcer
Uncle Billy Absent-minded Clerk
Toll Taker Toll booth worker
6 M Mr Potter Warped, old financier
Officer Bert Local cop
7 M Ernie Cab driver
Gower Pharmacist
Dr Campbell Bank board chairman
Martini Italian cafe owner
Charlie Difficult shareholder
8 M George, age 10 George as a boy
Eustace Loan office clerk
Pop Bailey George’s Dad
Mr Welch Irate husband
Randy Shareholder
Petey Bailey, age 9 George’s Son
9 M Sam Wainwright Succesful businessman
Harry Bailey George’s Brother
Nick Irate shareholder / Bartender
Sheriff Town police sheriff
10 F Violet Bick “Easy” girl
Mrs Hatch Mary’s Mother
Mrs Davis Shareholder
Zuzu Bailey, age 5 George’s Daughter
11 F Ma Bailey George’s Mother
Janie Bailey, age 8 George’s Daughter
Mrs Thompson Shareholder
Bank Teller Bank Teller
Impatient Neighbour Impatient Neighbour

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