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It's a Wonderful Life Character List

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It's a Wonderful Life Character List

Ahead of this week’s auditions, here are the available parts. The play consists of 36 characters split between 11 actors.

1 MGeorge BaileyDreamer / Loan Officer
2 MClarenceAngel, Second Grade
3 FMary / LibrarianGeorge’s wife / Librarian
4 FSuperintendent of AngelsBoss of the Angels
CarterBank Auditor
TilleyGeorge’s cousin and loan officer
5 MAnnouncerRadio Announcer
Uncle BillyAbsent-minded Clerk
Toll TakerToll booth worker
6 MMr PotterWarped, old financier
Officer BertLocal cop
7 MErnieCab driver
Dr CampbellBank board chairman
MartiniItalian cafe owner
CharlieDifficult shareholder
8 MGeorge, age 10George as a boy
EustaceLoan office clerk
Pop BaileyGeorge’s Dad
Mr WelchIrate husband
Petey Bailey, age 9George’s Son
9 MSam WainwrightSuccesful businessman
Harry BaileyGeorge’s Brother
NickIrate shareholder / Bartender
SheriffTown police sheriff
10 FViolet Bick“Easy” girl
Mrs HatchMary’s Mother
Mrs DavisShareholder
Zuzu Bailey, age 5George’s Daughter
11 FMa BaileyGeorge’s Mother
Janie Bailey, age 8George’s Daughter
Mrs ThompsonShareholder
Bank TellerBank Teller
Impatient NeighbourImpatient Neighbour


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