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You Beauty!

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You Beauty!

Just over a week ago we finished the run of our latest production,  Beauty and The Beast.  I’m pleased to say it was another successful show for us at BaCStage – oh yes it was!  Now that it’s done and dusted I can reveal that it was a bit of a beast to put on; some aspects of it were a bit “last minute” even by BaCStage standards.  In the best of theatre traditions it was alright on the night though.  More than alright, in fact – it was a beauty!
There will be photos of the show itself appearing on this very website soon, but here we have a few behind-the-scenes pics.
“When you’re ready we’ll make a start on your make-up…”
There’s a rumour that our next production will be The Flintstones
… and we’ve cast Pebbles already.
“Umm… about that make-up and costume, when you’re ready…”
The after-show party featured the usual costume-swap…
… and it looks like we’ve found our next dame!
Oh yes we have!
More photos coming soon…


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