You Beauty!

Just over a week ago we finished the run of our latest production,  Beauty and The Beast.  I’m pleased to say it was another successful show for us at BaCStage – oh yes it was!  Now that it’s done and dusted I can reveal that it was a bit of a beast to put on; some aspects of it were a bit “last minute” even by BaCStage standards.  In the best of theatre traditions it was alright on the night though.  More than alright, in fact – it was a beauty!

There will be photos of the show itself appearing on this very website soon, but here we have a few behind-the-scenes pics.

“When you’re ready we’ll make a start on your make-up…”


There’s a rumour that our next production will be The Flintstones


… and we’ve cast Pebbles already.

“Umm… about that make-up and costume, when you’re ready…”


The after-show party featured the usual costume-swap…


… and it looks like we’ve found our next dame!


Oh yes we have!

More photos coming soon…


Production Week is here again!

Beauty and The Beast production week has finally arrived.  There are still some tickets available; more on that later.  As our regular reader will know, though, production week always starts with Setup Day.

There were flakes of snow in the air as we gathered at the ODS on Saturday morning.


We had arranged and sorted our equipment the night before…


…ready to transport it to the Village Hall.


Once inside the hall, our crack team (I said “crack”) of experts were quickly hard at work.


“Put your back into it love, and lift that lighting rig while the rest of us stand around watching”


Setup day is a day for work clothes, not costumes.  Here we see Director Ron in his favourite overalls.


Mmm, sparkly.

Meanwhile, a couple of the Stage Crew consult the hi-tech virtual reality stage plan.


They had no idea there was a camera close by.  None at all.

Despite this detailed planning, the odd mistake was made.  “Make sure the yellow lines are at the front of the stage” he said.



More high technology here in the shape of one of our animatronic props…


… and also a fish.

On the subject of fish, one of the highlights of set-up day is the fish & chip lunch from Bluntisham Fryer.  Almost as soon as we’ve started, people interrupt their tea breaks to ask “is the lunch here yet?”  It’s worth the wait.


There is a suspicion that someone may have eaten more than their fair share of fish.


After lunch, work continued on the Fairytale Castle.


By the end of the day it was looking pretty good.


A big thankyou to everyone who helped out.

If you’d like to see the results of their labours first hand (and also a bit of acting, singing and dancing too) then you’re in luck – there are still some tickets available from Bluntisham Services.  Tickets are £8 for adults, £5 for children.  We’d love to see you there – oh yes we would!

Beauty and The Beast