Pratting about in time

Another plug for someone else’s show, but this time not a local amateur production but instead a peek behind the curtain of the professional stage!

Back in April 2014 we enjoyed a successful production of Murdered to Death, introducing the unique inspectorating talents of Inspector Pratt.  There are two sequels, Secondary Cause of Death and Death by Fatal Murder, and Pratt’s creator Peter Gordon has now added a prequel which will be debuting in 2017.  In the author’s own words:

“I’m delighted to say that Talking Scarlet, who toured with ‘Secondary Cause of Death’ this year, will be touring with the premier of the prequel in 2017. The current plan is for it to tour in the New Year and then again in the late autumn.

It will initially be touring under the title of ‘Dong Ding Murder Me On High’ but will probably tour in the autumn and be published under the title of ‘Sleighed to Death’. Don’t ask …. it’s a long story!!!”

Peter Gordon’s own website has more information about both the play and the tour.

Wifey and I saw Talking Scarlet’s production of Secondary Cause of Death earlier this year and are already looking forward to the new one.  With two sequels and a prequel to play with, sooner or later Pratt will be returning to BaCStage.  You have been warmed!


A Christmas Carol – The Musical

We’re happy to promote other local shows here at BaCStage, especially when one of ours is appearing in them.  Our very own Lucy (recently of 7 Ages and In Need of Care) is appearing in A Christmas Carol – the Musical, from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th December at the Robinson Theatre, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge.

A Christmas Carol - The Musical

Backwards and Forwards

Time, like a broken pencil, waits for no man.  The nights are drawing in, the toddies are being hotted (where local laws allow) and BaCStage are as busy as ever.  Here’s a quick update from BaCStage Towers.

Looking backwards, we finally have some photos to share from our most recent production, 7 Ages of Man.  Even if we had any laurels we would not be resting on them though, as we’re already moving forwards toward our next production.  Rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast have already started.  The cast features many familiar faces and we’re also delighted to welcome several new young actors to our ranks.  Expect more updates – and some mugshots – to be posted in the next three months.  “Three months”, you say?  Yup, for it’s only three months until curtain up!  Better get on with it then, hadn’t we?  Oh yes we had!

And so it begins…