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What happens in Pidley stays in Pidley

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

What happens in Pidley stays in Pidley

Now that our first World Tour has come to an end we can take time to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved.  We’ve been on a journey, both literal and metaphorical.  We’ve travelled the entire length of Route ‘Pidley Sheep Lane’ – and back again.  Living out of a suitcase (full of costumes and props), “it’s Friday so we must be in Colne”… life on the road is tough.  Some of us haven’t had a shower or a change of underpants in over two weeks which, as we only performed on two consecutive nights, is odd in itself.  That’s actors for you though.  Apologies if you were in the front row and caught a “whiff of fear” from any of the cast.
The necessities of travelling light brought out the best of our creative side as we used minimal set and props to evoke a diverse range of scenes.  Indeed, the whole format of the show was something very different from what we usually do.  Trying new things adds to the risk and excitement as well as to the work, and overall it’s been a successful and rewarding experience.  Cynthia and Nicola deserve a special mention for putting the show together, from selecting the pieces to wrangling the actors, in what was their directorial debut for each of them.
We’re returning to familiar ground for our next show with an all-singing, all-dancing panto Beauty and The Beast (tickets not yet on sale) but we’re keen to take a show on the road again in future.
Lastly, I’m glad to report that all actors managed to find their way home after our adventures, although some needed a bit of help to do so.

The stage crew attempt to round up a stray actor

The stage crew attempt to round up a lost actor

Actors are skittish creatures, easily spooked, and as such should always be approached with extreme caution.


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