Handrail Team

The return of the famous Handrail Team

Set-up day for Virtue Triumphant, and the famous BaCStage Handrail Team is back in action.

Handrail Team

They have recruited a young apprentice.  The secrets of the BaCStage Handrail will thus be passed on to the next generation.


Handrail Team

“…and this, gentlemen, is how you use a handrail to neutralise an assailant brandishing his cordless power tool at you…”

If this much care and attention is being put into a humble handrail, what must the rest of the production be like?  Why not come along next week and find out?

Virtue Triumphant

~ or ~

Her Honour in Peril

April 14th, 15th & 16th ~ 7.30pm ~ Bluntisham Village Hall

Tickets £8 from Bluntisham Service Station

Virtue Triumphant, or, Her Honour in Peril, is a comedy melodrama by Pat Norris. It is a full-blooded melodrama complete with wicked Squire, handsome hero, beautiful heroine persecuted and turned out with baby into the snow, comic rustics, flirtatious matron, susceptible vicar and other staple ingredients. Thrilling adventures include a last-minute rescue, a chase, and a plethora of murdered bodies turning into vengeful ghosts. The basis of the main plot is the Squire’s lust for the lovely Rose and his determination – on hearing of her coming marriage to handsome Richard – to possess her by hook or crook.


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