Old Day School, Bluntisham

Virtue Triumphant tickets now on sale

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Virtue Triumphant tickets now on sale

Virtue Triumphant tickets are now on sale!

April 14th, 15th & 16th ~ 7.30pm ~ Bluntisham Village Hall

Tickets £8 from Bluntisham Service Station

Leaflet - Virtue-16
Virtue Triumphant, or, Her Honour in Peril, is a comedy melodrama by Pat Norris. It is a full-blooded melodrama complete with wicked Squire, handsome hero, beautiful heroine persecuted and turned out with baby into the snow, comic rustics, flirtatious matron, susceptible vicar and other staple ingredients. Thrilling adventures include a last-minute rescue, a chase, and a plethora of murdered bodies turning into vengeful ghosts. The basis of the main plot is the Squire’s lust for the lovely Rose and his determination – on hearing of her coming marriage to handsome Richard – to possess her by hook or crook.


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  1. Christine Chandler says:

    Hi Luke As ever I am in awe of your I T knowhow I’m not exactly a technophobe but I’m not far !from it! x

  2. Nicola Doyle says:

    Hi Lucy, I wondered if any time-bankers would like to get up a group to come and watch the attached ( yours truly is playing a mad woman…..) I’ve been in touch with Pauline Regards Nicola x
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  3. david titmarsh says:

    Sirs id like to be considered to help you out behind the scenes some point. I’m not an actor, and live in wistow . Thanks very much Dave Titmarsh

    • luke says:

      Hello Dave, and thanks for contacting us. We’re always grateful of an extra pair of hands behind the scenes, especially during our production weeks. We’re starting on our next two productions (more details here soon) so it’s a good time to get involved. Send us your contact details to bacstage.amdram@gmail.com and we’ll send you more details – alternately, come along to the Old Day School in Bluntisham any Tuesday or Thursday evening and say hello in person. We’re there from 8pm for rehearsals so you could talk to the director and meet some of the actors as well.

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