Old Day School, Bluntisham

Month: February 2016

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Jigging about a bit

I don’t want to alarm anyone of a sensitive disposition, but I think it only fair to warn you that in our next production, Virtue Triumphant, some characters will be dancing a hornpipe. One of the cast at least does know what she’s doing. Unfortunately it’s the other three who will be performing the dance…
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Virtue Triumphant Cast

It’s less than two months until Virtue Triumphant opens.  We’ve reached the “scripts down” rehearsal milestone, the point at which all the actors should know all their lines (the key word there being “should”).  “But who are these actors?” you may be wondering.  I’m glad you asked that.  Allow me to introduce the cast to…
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Painting the village green

The peasants have been hard at work in preparation for our next production, Virtue Triumphant, as we can see. You might think it harsh to describe these simple, honest folk as peasants.  It may also be incorrect to label them simple or honest, but that’s an altogether different question.   As far as Virtue Triumphant…
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