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Thank you Bradley Roofing

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Thank you Bradley Roofing

Unless you spent Christmas sat on a park bench on the moon you will know that Britain experienced some very bad weather at the turn of the year, with strong winds and heavy rain lashing most of the country.  This is not a good combination when you live in a building where some parts of the roof are even older than the jokes in our last panto.
Sure enough, the wind dislodged some of the old tiles from the front of the ODS roof early in the new year, allowing the heavy rain to get in.  The roofer who repaired the back roof was unavailable, having to deal with problems elsewhere.  With more bad weather coming Nick decided something had to be done.  In his own words:
As the heavens had opened yet again I decided this morning to put a sticking plaster on the roof to temporarily cover the hole…

Having applied the sticking plaster I was about to go home when a tradesman working on the house opposite approached me and asked if I’d like him to re-position the slates that had slipped down. Turned out he was a roofer replacing the chimney on the house opposite.  I asked him how much he would charge and he said if we mentioned his company in our programme he’d do it for nothing!
The tradesman in question was from Bradley Roofing.

As well as getting a mention in our next programme we’re more than happy to mention them on our web site too.  Job done – actors nice and dry beneath.
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A big thank-you to Bradley Roofing from everyone at BaCStage.


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  1. nickmair1 says:

    Briiliant Luke
    When does it go live? I’ll mail a link to Br0adley

  2. Hi guys, iv just stumbled across this on google and realised i have since changed my contact details, Please get in touch if you have any further problems, Regards Bradley – Bradley Roofing, 07413863844, bradley-roofing.co.uk

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