Happy Halloween

Mwah, and if you will, hahaha!

Our Halloween was filled with scary monsters, cobwebs and a recurring nightmare – where are we going to put all our stuff?!


The scary monster responsible for these cobwebs, along with several of its friends, had to be evicted from the outside shed to make more storage space.  They will no doubt gain revenge by making their way into the main ODS building and preying on the actors during winter rehearsals

On the Sunday after our last performance we take down the stage (known in the trade as ‘breaking the set’).  We remove all our stuff from the village hall and put it back into the ODS.  We like to get this done as quickly as possible so that we can all head off to the Green Man in Colne for lunch.  Subsequently, the interpretation of “back into the ODS” is taken to literal, not to mention minimal, extremes.  As long as everything is indoors, anywhere will do:

Lots of StuffWe have a lot of stuff.

A couple of weeks later, when we’ve all had time to go away and think about what we’ve done, we meet up at the ODS and have a big old tidy-up.  It helps if the weather gods are on our side when we do this, so that we can put everything out on the yard.  Today the weather gods must have been in a good mood as the weather was good enough for a BBQ, which tends not to happen when we want to have a BBQ.

Lots of stuff, outsideOnce everything is piled up outside, we can have a good sort through it.

All sorts of things

Meanwhile, indoors, there was an incident of leglessness:


Don’t worry, dear reader – Nick hadn’t been on the sauce.  It was a bit early in the day, even for him.  He was putting the legs back onto the ‘shrubbery’ stage block from ‘Brick Museum‘.  Once that was done we could put the stage back up.

The stage

Spot the deliberate mistake.

Could this be the special brick-built chamber where the heads of state will have their top-secret meeting?

Brick-built chamber

Err… no.  It is a handy place to stash some stuff though.  By lunchtime everything was back indoors, or in the shed.

Actors make great compost – we have proof:

Actors make compost

Now it’s time to dig out some old costumes and go trick-or-treating.

Dressing-up box

Don’t have nightmares!




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