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New BaCStage 3-in-1 with triple acting action!

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

New BaCStage 3-in-1 with triple acting action!

Can you believe it’s been a week already?  A week since the last park bench was taken, a week since Shirley and Rita’s hiding place was found, and a week since Bluntisham’s most famous pair of frilly knickers made their latest (although probably not their last) public appearance.  This time last week we were completing our run of three one-act plays, A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum.
Now, if you are the sort of obsessive BaCStage fan who visits this website every hour, hitting ‘refresh’ in the hope and expectation of getting new updates, you will already have seen the photo pages added recently for these plays.  Just in case you aren’t following our every move with an almost stalker-like intensity, allow me to point them out to you.  Click the links for photo fun:
A Talk in the Park, In Need of Care and Night at the (Brick) Museum
It’s been a while since we did three one-act plays.  The previous occasion was before my time, as annoying people on quiz shows say.  “The Beatles?  Hmm… before my time.  The Vikings?  Hmm… before my time.  The big bang that started the whole universe?  Hmm… before my time” (that’s enough of that – Ed).  Nonetheless, for several of us it was our first time, so to speak.  Although we all enjoyed it immensely, we weren’t sure how it would go down with the punters.  Our expert audience research group (which looked suspiciously like a bunch of actors reminiscing) were of the opinion that audiences prefer one long play to several short ones.  We were all pleased therefore (and a little relieved) that we got good audiences each night.  Saturday was the busiest, as it usually is – not being a school night.  Despite the twin televisual temptations of something called “Strictly” (I have no idea) and the Rugby World Cup, we still had a full house for our last night.  It was very thoughtful of England to dump themselves out of the RWC early to avoid a calendar clash with us.
So what’s next for BaCStage then?  Well… we’re having a well-earned rest for a couple of weeks, then we’ll be putting the stage back together at the ODS ready to rehearse our next production.  We don’t know what it’ll be yet, but the Village Hall is booked for next April so the clock’s ticking already.  Chances are, it’ll be one full-length play next time.  Watch this blog for details in the coming weeks and months.  If we really can’t decide on anything, we might just play Queen’s greatest hits and get Tom and Ross to re-enact the videos, as they did in the after-show party last weekend…

And finally – the last we heard, Miss Harriet’s knickers had secured an audition for a part in the West End.  We wish them well…


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