Old Day School, Bluntisham

One week to go!

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

One week to go!

There’s just a week until opening night – tickets on sale now!

“Oh my Lola! All I do is for you! I adore you!”


“…don’t mention blue serge gym knickers – ugh!”

“When I go to work I’m going to get a car. I could take my mum out shopping and things”

“Who wants to take their mum out? A motor-bike is better. A motor-bike is smashing for taking birds out on”

Three Plays 15 - Poster A4
“There’s a leg…” “A leg?” “A human leg – sticking out of the straw”

“Pity really. I never could resist a man who uses binder twine on his trousers”

“I mean, we’ve all got troubles no doubt – but we all don’t sit on a bench and bore some poor innocent stranger to death”

“He’s talking again – to me! If he does it any more I’ll call the police…”

“Might as well talk to yourself!”


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