You wait ages for a play and then…

… three come along at once!

Yes, that’s right, we have finally settled on our Autumn programme.  After much reading, talking, tea drinking (and, I must confess, a bit of procrastination), we… still couldn’t agree on a play to perform, so we decided to do two… which then became three.  We’re stopping at three though, as to stage four plays in one go would be beyond even our considerable talents!

So this October we will be performing A Talk in the Park, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, In Need of Care, a drama by David E Rowley and Night at the (Brick) Museum, a comedy by Wendy Rolph.

Having taken slightly too long to decide on these we have since wasted no time in getting preparations under way.  We have started rehearsals on all three plays and already they are coming together nicely.  More details on each play will appear here over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Three Plays 15 - Coming Soon



2 thoughts on “You wait ages for a play and then…”

  1. Sounds wonderful and I am sure it will be a fantastic success, as always. Sorry I won’t be part of the crew.

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