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On a journey with Dick and Tommy

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On a journey with Dick and Tommy

We’ve been on quite a journey with Dick, Tommy and friends.  We’ve welcomed many new faces on-stage and behind the scenes, rehearsing twice a week for the past six months and playing to full houses in each performance.  It’s been a big production in more ways than one!
You can see photos from the show itself over on our photos page.  Here we have some pictures from behind the scenes.
The actors may have spent months preparing but host and compere Nick prefers a more last-minute approach.
NickOpening night, T minus 5 minutes to curtain up… must be time to write that introduction.
Queen Rat was very confident – perhaps a bit too confident – of being elected Lord Mayor of London.  Here we see her publicity shot, surrounded by her loyal followers.
RatsYou wouldn’t dare to not vote for her, would you?
Queen Rat may not have quite managed to win over the proletariat but her supporters certainly did.  The little rats stole the show and won the hearts of many of the audiences…
Sarah, Idle Jack and the Rats  Little Rats… despite their unswerving loyalty to arch-villain “her Madge” and leading the audience in the community song “Ears, Whiskers, Teeth and Tails”.  Their infectious energy and enthusiasm was as there from the first rehearsal to the last performance.
Richard played a total of three different parts.
Sultan PepperHis transformation into Sultan Pepper of Morocco couldn’t start until after he’d finished being Ernie Bond Rat.
John has starred in many past BaCStage productions.
JohnHe gave Dick Whittington a 9, although interestingly he didn’t say what that was out of…
Where’s that picture of Alan…?
AlanAh, there it is.  Alan landed himself a guest spot in our Saturday night performance.  In case you’re wondering, Alan is still the one on the right.
Thank you to Nikki, Steve and Nick for providing photos.
And so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our panto is now done.  We hope that you enjoyed it.  It was a lot of work and also a lot of fun putting it together.  BaCStage will be back on stage in October 2015 with our next production, so keep an eye on this little web site to see what we’re getting up to next.


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