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Keeping a roof over our heads

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Keeping a roof over our heads

ODS Roof repairs Nov 14

The thing that we are best known for at BaCStage – hopefully at any rate – is larking about on stage for the entertainment of our loyal fan.  Over the last couple of years or so we have taken on another important task, namely looking after our new home, the Old Day School in Bluntisham.
In return for the nominal rent we pay, we take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the ODS.  We have undertaken some challenging tasks already, as shown elsewhere in this blog.  However, there was one job that we knew needed doing from the outset but which would be beyond even our considerable talents, and that was to repair the roof.  That, we knew, would need an expert, and experts of course cost money.
Thankfully we have succeeded in applying for grants from a couple of local charities and this, plus contributions from group members, has enabled us to get the roof repaired.  As these pictures show, it’s quite an undertaking.

Fortunately we have been able to continue using the ODS while the repairs are being done, so it hasn’t interrupted preparations for our next production.
Getting the ODS properly weather-proof is a really big deal for us.  Not only is it our rehearsal space but also storage for our stage and sets.  These are all wooden, unlike our actors, but just like our actors they don’t react well to being damp.  Getting the roof repairs done will make our home that bit more homely in future.


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  1. Brilliant that the roof is getting done.. congratulations to all those concerned for all the hard work that enabled this to happen !

  2. […] Fair, and at either end of the year we made significant improvements to the ODS, in the garden and getting the roof repaired.  Each one of these was a big deal in its own right, so to have done all of this in the same year […]

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