Keeping a roof over our heads

The thing that we are best known for at BaCStage – hopefully at any rate – is larking about on stage for the entertainment of our loyal fan.  Over the last couple of years or so we have taken on another important task, namely looking after our new home, the Old Day School in Bluntisham.

In return for the nominal rent we pay, we take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the ODS.  We have undertaken some challenging tasks already, as shown elsewhere in this blog.  However, there was one job that we knew needed doing from the outset but which would be beyond even our considerable talents, and that was to repair the roof.  That, we knew, would need an expert, and experts of course cost money.

Thankfully we have succeeded in applying for grants from a couple of local charities and this, plus contributions from group members, has enabled us to get the roof repaired.  As these pictures show, it’s quite an undertaking.

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Fortunately we have been able to continue using the ODS while the repairs are being done, so it hasn’t interrupted preparations for our next production.

Getting the ODS properly weather-proof is a really big deal for us.  Not only is it our rehearsal space but also storage for our stage and sets.  These are all wooden, unlike our actors, but just like our actors they don’t react well to being damp.  Getting the roof repairs done will make our home that bit more homely in future.


Tombolas and Tigers

Last week’s Christmas Gift fair was a great success.  You could say we did a “roaring” trade.

Christmas Gift Fair 2014Pity that none of the actors showed up in costume though.

Our tombola prizes were snapped up in double time, and we also managed to sneak in a subtle bit of product placement for our next show.

Christmas Gift Fair 2014Did you spot it?

Christmas Gift Fair 2014You may also have spotted that there was a tiger on our stall.  But why could this be?  Sounds like a cue for a festive quiz to me!

Was there a tiger on the BaCStage stall because:

A) Said tiger had escaped from a local wildlife park

B) BaCStage are diversifying from light entertainment into conservation of endangered species

C) There’s a panto looming on the horizon.

If I tell you that you’ll have to wait till February for the answer, that pretty much gives you the answer!

Thank you to everyone who came to the fair last week.  We hope to see you at our next production (whatever that may be) in the New Year!

Bluntisham Christmas Gift Fair

The Bluntisham Christmas Gift Fair will be taking place at the Village Hall on Saturday, November 15th between 2pm and 6pm.  BaCStage will be there – we will have a stall and will be running a tombola.  Anybody who has been to a BaCStage show and taken part in one of our legendary raffles will know what to expect in terms of prizes – there will be wine, choccies, games and other seasonal fare up for grabs.  It remains to be seen, of course, whether we will manage to condense our legendary raffle experience into a time-slot of only 4 hours, but we’ll have a go!

If you happen to be in the vicinity next Saturday do come along to the fair.  There will be all manner of festive goodies available, and as if that’s not enough to tempt you, you’ll be able to meet some actors “out of character” and find out more about us as well.  Don’t let the prospect of meeting actors put you off – actors are people too, just like you and me.  Well… not just like, but fairly similar…

Season’s greetings one and all, and we hope to see you there!

From Bluntisham to London – via Morocco!

No, it’s not the world’s worst sat-nav – it’s the next BaCStage production:

Dick Whittington and his Cat

Yes indeed, it’s panto time again at BaCStage.  As is our wont, we will be staging our panto during half-term week in February.  We do this so that our junior cast members, of whom there are several, not to mention their keepers (that’s “parents and guardians” – Ed) can fully immerse themselves in the unique experience that is a BaCStage production week without having to worry about trivial distractions like getting themselves an edyoocayshun.  Who needs one of those anyway, right kids?

No but seriously children, pay attention and work hard at school or one day you’ll wake up looking like this:

Who Is That Joker

Now, you may already be familiar with the tale of Master Whittington and his furry feline friend.  However, BaCStage will be telling the story with a twist. I myself am not familiar with the tale of Master Whittington and his furry feline friend, so I don’t know which part of the BaCStage version of the story constitutes a twist, but I am reliably informed by people who know far more about these things than I do that there’s definitely a twisty bit in there somewhere. Of course, even if I knew where the twist was I wouldn’t be giving it away here and now – you’ll just have to come along in February and find out for yourself!

I suppose it’s a bit soon to start the full-on panto hard sell though, isn’t it boys and girls? (Oh no it isn’t – Ed)

What I do know for certain and am more than happy to share with you now is that in the weeks to come there will be more about Dick Whittington and his Cat appearing here.  I know that because I’ll be putting it here myself.

(Oh no you won’t – Ed)

Oh yes I will.

(Oh no you won’t – Ed)

Oh yes I will.

And with that exchange I declare panto season officially open.

(Oh no it’s not – Ed)

Oh, and by the way – Ed won’t be appearing in the panto.

(Oh yes I… no, you’re right, I won’t – Ed)

Coming Soon - Dick Whittington and his Cat