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Heroes, every one

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Heroes, every one

A couple of weeks ago we joined forces with the Meridian Singers and the Royal British Legion in an event to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One and to pay tribute to the local people who found themselves involved in that conflict. You can see more about the event itself here.  I’m delighted to report that the event was a resounding success, raising over £1400 for the 2014 Poppy Appeal.
This was something of a departure from the norm for us at BaCStage.  Our regular punter will know that we tend to stick firmly to the comedy / farce / panto end of the theatrical spectrum.  To perform pieces that were poignant, moving and thought-provoking was interesting and enjoyable in its own right (although of course, being BaCStage, we couldn’t help but add a bit of humour to the proceedings).  That the event was so well received, and raised so much money for such a good cause, made taking part all the more rewarding.
On behalf of all of BaCStage, I’d like to offer congratulations to all those involved in the event, and say an enormous thank-you to everyone who supported it.  In particular, John and Sue Morgan of the Royal British Legion deserve a special mention for making the event happen and for the hugely impressive exhibition that they put together.  Thank you for asking BaCStage to be involved – it was an honour and a privilege.


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