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An act of remembrance and a cat

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An act of remembrance and a cat

Our regular reader hasn’t had much to read lately.
Not since April and the conclusion of our very successful production of Murdered to Death has anything new appeared here.  A poke around in the archive (try it, there’s some good stuff in there) will reveal a similar pattern in the past – a rising crescendo of activity around a performance, after which we are all collectively spent and it all goes quiet.
It is July now though.  We’re in the second half of the year.  The nights are drawing in, there are only 172 days till Christmas – heck, even the World Cup has nearly finished.  It’s about time we stopped our spring break and got on with some stuff again.
Not that we’ve been entirely inactive since then, you understand.  Far from it.  We have had our customary post-production tidy-up of the ODS, rebuilt the stage ready to rehearse our next productions, had an AGM, and there was also the spring BBQ.  No-one who attended said BBQ chose to share any photos, so one can only imagine the bacchanalian goings-on at that particular event.
Stop imagining it now.  Behave yourself.
“That’s all very well”, you might be thinking, “but aren’t you lot an Am Dram group?  Where’s the ‘dram’ in all that?”.  Fear not, dear reader, for our next two productions are now starting to take shape.
This autumn the local branch of the Royal British Legion is staging a commemorative event to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War I.  They have invited local performers, including our good selves, to take part.  As a group we felt that this event was one we wanted to support and be a part of.  We will be performing a one-act play entitled “Hero”, plus selected other readings.  The event should be a fitting tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, in circumstances which those of us alive today are fortunate that we can barely imagine.


Hero: A Play

by Michael Lynch

Performed as part of a WWI centenary commemorative event organised by the Royal British Legion

October 10th & 11th 2014

Bluntisham Village Hall


Next year is 2015, which is an odd-number year.  Odd years are, appropriately, panto years for BaCStage and 2015 will be no different.  In February we will be staging “Dick Whittington and his Cat”.
This is your chance, dear reader, to get involved.  Oh yes.  There will be parts available for actors of all ages, from 11 to 111 (more or less), and possibly also a cat.  No previous experience necessary.  If you don’t fancy treading the boards you can also lend your support in other ways “backstage” – set building, painting, prompting, publicity… and many more things besides.  Panto activity will start in earnest in early September, so if you would like to be involved get in touch with us through this very site – we’d love to hear from you.


Dick Whittington and his Cat

A Pantomime

by Sean Baker and Bill Handley

February 19th-21st

Bluntisham Village Hall


Watch this space for more news on both of these productions, along with anything else we might be getting up to.


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    Very good Luke! Glad you found the time amid all the Footie excitement and late nights…. Nicola
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