And so I conclude my conclusions

Last night we completed our highly successful run of Murdered To Death.

Thomkins and PrattThompson (Thomkins, sir) and Pratt, yesterday

We had another great audience on Saturday.  They were a little more … how can I put this politely… lubricated… than on previous evenings, although I think that was mostly due to the non-acting members of BaCStage who came along to watch.

All the cast and crew have had a lot of fun putting this show together.  That it has been so well supported, and well received, by the audiences on each night is fantastic.  Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has come along to one of the performances.  Straw polls each evening suggested that we had many first-timers in the audience – we hope to welcome you back to a future production alongside our regulars.

There will be photos of the crime scene appearing here in due course, but for now I want to get this wrapped up quickly.  I have to get back to the station… damned paperwork!


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