Old Day School, Bluntisham

Month: April 2014

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Join us below stairs at Bagshot House

Some behind-the-scenes photos from our latest production ‘Murdered to Death’, starting with the obligatory “Man crushed by falling stage” picture: Coconut Moose, the all-seeing resident of Bagshot House: Some off-stage cues for the actors: The Saturday after-show Bash – “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1936”: While others partied, Carol was doing some important BaCStage…
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Photos of the crime scene released to the public

Photos from our latest production, Murdered to Death, are now available on this very website.  There are even more photos on flickr.  Enjoy!

And so I conclude my conclusions

Last night we completed our highly successful run of Murdered To Death. Thompson (Thomkins, sir) and Pratt, yesterday We had another great audience on Saturday.  They were a little more … how can I put this politely… lubricated… than on previous evenings, although I think that was mostly due to the non-acting members of BaCStage…
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There's another one gone!

  Two down already, and just one to go. Performances that is, not murder victims. Production week, like a speeding bullet, seems to go by rather too quickly. Miss Maple, yesterday We had another fine audience on Friday to witness the goings-on at Bagshot House.  Thank you all for coming along and joining us. With…
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I say, old boy… good show!

    Our run of ‘Murdered to Death’ opened with a bang last night in more ways than one. Colonel Craddock, yesterday We played to one of our largest Thursday audiences, certainly since this Pratt joined the group at any rate (no, not you sir, I’m Pratt). Being the shy, retiring wallflowers that we are…
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Murdered to Death opens tomorrow night

Mrs Mildred Bagshot requests the pleasure of your company for an evening of entertainment at Bagshot House on Thursday 10th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of April at 7.30 P. M. Bagshot House, Bluntisham Village Hall, Bluntisham Cabaret-style seating (please bring your own refreshments) Tickets £8 from Bluntisham Garage, or on the door. MURDERED TO…
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The stage is set for murder

Welcome to Bagshot House. It is 1936.  Mid afternoon. Nobody (or should that be ‘no body’) is in the lounge at present.  Mildred is readying herself for the arrival of her guests.  Dorothy is busy in the kitchen.  Bunting is in his room in the basement, getting better acquainted with a bottle of Napoleon brandy.…
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