How does your garden grow?

A couple of years ago we performed a play called “How does your garden grow?” which had nothing to do with gardening.  This post, about our garden at the ODS, has nothing to do with that play.  Thus the balance of the universe is restored.

More importantly, it shows just what a talented bunch we are at BaCStage.  Not content with merely growing plants in the garden, John thought we should have an art installation – so he designed one.  Cynthia took the design and turned it into this:

ODS Sculpture 002

A dab hand with a plasma cutter as well as a feather duster!

ODS Sculpture 008

Plenty of space for plants as well.

ODS Sculpture 017

The masks were fashioned from an old oil drum.
What’s that you say about well-oiled actors? I couldn’t possibly comment.


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