Giving the gift of laughter this Christmas

We like a laugh at BaCStage, as you may have noticed… then again, you may not.  Anyway, in the best of festive tradition I’d like to share with you, our loyal reader, a joke worthy of the very finest Christmas cracker:

A shepherd and his sheepdog are out on the farm.  “Round up the sheep, please” says the shepherd, “and count them while you’re there, make sure none have gone missing”.  The sheepdog trots away.  A few minutes later the sheepdog returns.  “There are 40 sheep” says the sheepdog.  “40?” says the shepherd, “I thought we only had 38”, to which the sheepdog replies “I rounded them up”.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, BaCStage would like to wish you a good one.  Cheers!


It’s all gone quiet over there…

It has indeed all gone a bit quiet in BaCStage-land lately.  You probably think we’ve been putting our feet up, basking in the glory that was Deborah’s Party and steadily increasing our intake of cake and booze as the festive season cranks up… and you’d be right, mostly.

We have not been resting on our laurels though, oh no.  We have been hard at work on the very important task of finding a script for our April production.  We have a favourite, and provided we can cast it (that old chestnut again) it should be a lot of fun… dead good fun, you might say… but that’s all I’m going to say for now…