I’ll have the Special, please



The party’s over…

We really could all go to the pub, you know.

The last of the dandelion and burdock has been drunk, the last guest has been let out of the cellar, and even the headboard has stopped rattling.  Deborah’s Party has come to an end but it will live long in the memory, in no small part due to the incriminating photos.

All the cast and crew had a great time putting it together and the audiences went home duly entertained.  The cast included two debutants, who were a great success – by the end of the run they resembled battle-hardened BaCStage old-timers (in a good way, of course).

A big “well done” to all concerned – Deborah certainly knows how to throw a good party!

All we need now is the Audience. In other words – YOU :)


The director asking where have all the actors gone?



Some of the cast asking, where have all the audience gone?



Ah! the director has found the cast and is giving them a serious talking to.



As you can see the cast are not taking the director seriously at all 😉



… but decide to start practising their end-of-show bows!


What do all actors need ? ..

A chance for a quick check on their scripts?



maybe a reminder of when to go on stage?


A great lighting man ?




All of the above are pretty essential but hopefully this one ( the prompt!) won’t be needed 😉

_1458 copy.

There is nothing this band of merry men and women like more than entertaining an audience so below is a reminder of where you can watch their masterpiece !

Be there or be square!

Deborah's Party